How To Get More Students Visiting Your TutorZ Profile

Many tutors ask how to get more students visiting their TutorZ profile. This is a very good question which we love to answer. Moreover, it is January — the best month to tackle to this type of strategic task.

To most tutors is well understood that the more students visit their profile the higher their chances of receiving a new tutoring request.

At TutorZ ever 13th visitor decides to contact a tutor. In technical marketing terms we say TutorZ has a conversion rate of 7%, that is converting every 13th student visiting your profile into a tutoring lead.

TutorZ has over 40,000 tutors on its site. This means these other 40,000 tutors compete with you for your prospective tutoring client’s attention to receive tutoring requests. Practically, however, it’s a smaller number of tutors competing with each other because the tutoring market in the US. is segmented. The segmentation takes place geographically, by subject and my other attributes.

The main segmentation takes place geographically. For example, a in-home tutor in New York does not compete with an in home-tutor in Houston, TX. But tutors do not have to be 1000 of miles apart to be segmented, even a few miles often suffice. In New York, for example, tutors in Brooklyn rarely compete with tutors in Manhattan even though they are only 5 miles apart. The East River forms a natural barrier between the two city regions that must be crossed over the Williamsburg or Brooklyn Bridge. Traffic Jams and higher costs of transportation pose a significant hurdle for Brooklyn tutors to come over to Manhattan.

The second main segmentation happens by subject. Let’s say you’re a math tutor and the other tutor in your geographic location tutors English and writing. In this case you’re not competing with that other tutor.  This is in contrast to the situation when you and the other tutor offer math lessons. To improve your chances of getting the tutoring job you would need to stand out in your subject offering.  How?  By showing that you have a special math background such as degrees in math, science or special course work in statistics, probability, or numerical analysis.  Already demonstrating that you have experience in say algebra 2 would be a competitive advantage.  In other words, tailor your tutoring profile around your specialties.

A complete different way to get more students to is increase the ranking of your profile. There are various ranking factors that influence whether a tutor appears higher on our search.  These factors include your profile, job response time, ratings and reviews.

We now explain these ranking factors in more detail. First, the more descriptive your profile is the higher the ranking. And don’t forget your profile picture and mentioning your specialties. Second, when you receive a tutoring job make sure you respond as quickly as possible your student’s message.  After having tutored your student, ask for ratings and reviews from her.  Any rating — including a low 1 or 2 star rating — has a positive effect on your ranking.  The same is true for reviews, any review including one with not so kind words will boost your ranking.  In summary, tutors who communicate quick and professionally with their students and do great  tutoring work will outrank competing tutors. For more detail on ranking and apple awards check out:


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Dirk Wagner is owner of Tutorz LLC. He holds a M.S. degree in computer science and has 8 years of experience as software engineer and researcher. Dirk has tutored math and computer science to dozens of students in Southern California. You can find him on Google+, youtube, facebook, twitter, tumblr, quora and pinterest.
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