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reading, writing, public online or in-person

I am looking for teaching on line for kids in south korea. Subject are critical thinking, reading,writing ,public speaking, scientific thinking and resoning, coding.

Sent by Stella on Apr 30

climate modeling online

hi! I have a netcdf file of the global extent. I want to "mask array" of the netcdf file by changing the values of the spatial arrays in it.

Sent by Effrain on Apr 30

TEAS in Dallas, TX

Hello, Ms. Simone J. I will be starting Nursing School soon and I wanted to sharpen up on my math skills as well as study for the TEAS test I have basic math...

Sent by Felitha on Apr 30

quicken online or in-person

Hi my wife and I recently purchased Quicken for oour personal finances. We are looking for some help learning to use the software more proficiently

Sent by Gerald on Apr 30

chemistry online

I need some Chemistry 2 help.

Sent by Vid on Apr 30

reading in Farmersville, TX

Hello, my name is S.. I live in the Allen area, and I was wondering if you were still giving in-person lessons during this time, and if so what was your price for...

Sent by Sydney on Apr 30

Spanish online

Hello Ricardo! I’m looking for a Spanish tutor for my husband. He is in the military, he is in language now and has the OPI test next month but really need help...

Sent by Aisha on Apr 30

patent and trademark

I want to understand how to find patent information in Net I am from Agrochemical background and need online training of Google Patent

Sent by Anurag on Apr 30


Hi. I found you on a tutoring site and would like to walk more about getting some help. Thank you!

Sent by Shannon on Apr 29

USMLE step 1 online

Hi Farah, I scored 216 in step 1, due to this disappointing result I need to improve my step 2 by 25 points or more. Online tutoring iswhat I am after.

Sent by Aoife on Apr 29

Math and Reading online or in-person

Please call me at (phone number available after purchase) so we can talk. Thank you.

Sent by Abdoulaye on Apr 28

USMLE step 1 online or in-person

Hello Neelima I am a foreign medical graduate studying for step 1. I'm struggling to keep a schedule and have my test on June 19.

Sent by Adolfo on Apr 28

USMLE online

Hi, could you please help me with CK preparation?

Sent by Manuela on Apr 28

mechanical engineering online

HELLO MISHA i have an exam in 30 April and it's online exam. for the subject it's Computational methods Major: Mechanical Engineering.

Sent by Yousef on Apr 28

nursing informatics online

Hi, I need help with informatics, not doing good. finals coming up soon and a group project due soon, can you help?

Sent by Syeda on Apr 27

NBME and USMLE step 2 CK online

Hi Dr. Abdelaal, I plan to take Step 2 CK in early July and would like to go over question strategies. Later this month I will start taking NBME's and would like...

Sent by Madison on Apr 27


Hello; My son Brian is taking college level JAVA and is in need of immediate help with his courses. Since they transitioned to remote learning, he is falling behind...

Sent by Robert on Apr 27

quickbooks online

Hi Porscha, I need some help with my bookkeeping job and seem to have weak understanding of journal entries. Can you help, asap?

Sent by Rhonda on Apr 27

Driver Ed in Bay Minette, AL

I need driver Ed tutoring please help me.

Sent by Charmaine on Apr 27

stock market in Los Angeles, CA

Stock tudoring thank you Sjdjriririrjfn. Dr r dj

Sent by Eliyah on Apr 27

USMLE step 2 CK online

Hello, I'm interested in your tutoring service- specifically for step 2 CK... I am aiming for. 250-260, and have about 2 months. Am currently struggling with...

Sent by Annie on Apr 27

ASVAB in San Antonio, TX

Hello, I’m looking to join the army national guard. Currently studying to pass the asvab and seeking a tutor especially in math/ arithmetic reasoning.

Sent by Tavia on Apr 26

step 2 cs online

Hello, How are you? I am interested in Step 2 cs tutoring

Sent by Radhika on Apr 26

Spanish in Athens, OH

Hi Elizabeth, my wife and I are currently looking for a Spanish tutor for our 3-month old son. We would like to get him started on listening and interacting with...

Sent by Andrew on Apr 25

math in Longville, LA

Im way behind in math and need a good act score I can only do in person tutoring

Sent by Collin on Apr 25

dyslexia chaperhill online

Looking for English ( reading , writing , Singapore math , Spanish tutor for girl with dislexia . Pacific time morning between 8-12 ore afternoon 3-5

Sent by Oksana on Apr 24

algebra in Commerce, TX

I am taking college algebra online this summer and math isn’t my greatest subject. I live 10 minutes from Sulphur Springs and could meet you.

Sent by Will on Apr 24

mechanical engineering

i have 20 questions talking about gears such as spur and pin.. gears . would you help me solve them

Sent by Fahad on Apr 24

Armenian online

Hi Zareh, Im in need for a chemistry tutor on Monday 6:20 for 1 hour.

Sent by Karo on Apr 24

German in Roanoke, VA

Michael-- I have a need for a fluent German speaker to work as a counselor almost, or mental health worker, a few times a week. It's unusual work...

Sent by Julie on Apr 24

mechanical engineering online

Hello, I have an exam in mechnical . Can you help me with one homework as well?

Sent by MD on Apr 24

maths online

I am interested in tutoring in online classes. I have been teaching maths and science since last 30 years to standard 4th to 7th.

Sent by Ava on Apr 24

USMLE online

Hi Divesh I need help on homework and exams. are you expert in clinical medicine , pharmacy law , pharmaceutical science ? Thanks

Sent by Jack on Apr 23

Gujarati online

Hi Hepal, I am looking for a English tutor for my mother. My mother speaks Gujarati so looking for a tutor who also speaks Gujarati. She is in Massachusetts.

Sent by Ronik on Apr 23

elementary reading in Scottsdale, AZ

Looking for a reading teacher for my grand daughter. She is very behind in reading, and her virtual school is not doing her any good.

Sent by Terry on Apr 23

math online

Hi Mr. Munna pls contact me on my email as soon as possible. Needed to discuss getting some help regarding an online assignment for math. Thank you

Sent by Ananya on Apr 23

industrial engineering online

my sister is doing master in industrial engineering i want a tutor to help help her with assignments and explanation of subjects

Sent by Hattan on Apr 23

material science online

i want you to help me with my materials science final please

Sent by Sara on Apr 23

mechanical engineering and online or in-person

Hello, Could you help me with writing up my proposal about mechanical engineering please? Sincerely

Sent by Waled on Apr 22

Math, history, science in Crowley, TX

Hello, I have a daughter that is 12 yrs old (grade 6) being home schooled. She is in need of help in Math, History and Science.

Sent by James on Apr 22

Reading - Writing - English in Lonoke, AR

Are you willing to travel to Lonoke

Sent by Danielle on Apr 22

finance online or in-person

Please call me at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Aubrey on Apr 22

reading in Cave Creek, AZ

Grandparents raising 8 yr old grand daughter. She is very behind in reading. CCUSD Virtual Ed is worthless for her. T. (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by Terry on Apr 22

excel in Boston, MA

I'm a working professional and I just got a new job that requires me to do a lot of excels and presentation I need help with that and Powerpoint etc.

Sent by Michel on Apr 22

Distance Learning Packet in Irmo, SC

Hello I was reaching out to see if you service irmo area? I have a 5th grader need a lil help with her distance learning packet sent home since school out.

Sent by Ashley on Apr 22

NASM online

Hello. I am looking for a NASM tutor. I would like to pass the NASM exam. Do you think this is realistically possible?

Sent by Stephen on Apr 21

electrical circuits online

I need help with 4 problems in intermediate level of circuits.

Sent by Joe on Apr 21

math in Jamestown, NC

I am looking for a math tutor for my grandson. He is homeschooled but we r having trouble with vertex form and quadratic equations trying to prepare him for...

Sent by Sharon on Apr 21

organic chemistry online or in-person

hello, I am a freshman struggling in Dr. Mague's GenChem 2 class. I have a final in a few weeks and would like some hep preparing for it.

Sent by Kelly on Apr 20

GED in Spring Hill, FL

Hello, Mike I am very interested in a tutor session for my GED math portion. Please contact .e Via e-mail.. Thank you so much.

Sent by Briana on Apr 20

Heat Transfer online

I need a tutor for my Heat Transfer Exam that is this Thursday. I need to go over Ch.5 in the Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer textbook (7th Edition) by...

Sent by Lauren on Apr 20


I have Statistics exam and I need some help

Sent by Sarah on Apr 20

information systems online

Hello Meenakshi, I am a student in Australia, currently majoring in information systems. I am struggling with this topic and was wondering if you were free to tutor?

Sent by Arini on Apr 20

math, English, writing online or in-person

Hi, I’m looking for an online tutor for my 5th grade son in the subject areas of math and English language arts/writing. I am looking for a tutor for 3 days...

Sent by Rubia on Apr 20

SAS online

Contact with me ........

Sent by Sarah on Apr 19

public speaking online or in-person

do you teach public speaking

Sent by Sai on Apr 19

GED in Sumter, SC

High I’m looking to take my GED math for the first and I’m in need of some tutoring! My cell is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Kiana on Apr 19

autism in Tampa, FL

Good Afternoon Deanna- I am recruiting for a tutor for a family who lives in Tampa, Fl for a child who is 10 years old. I was wondering if we can set up a call...

Sent by Danielle on Apr 19

MBLEX online

I am in great need of a tutor for mblex. I can do online and 15-20 an hour. My test is in 2 months. I'm struggling with terminology and kinesiology. Can you help?

Sent by Ladonna on Apr 19


hey i am looking for tutoring for step 1 exam i ant to write in December. I would prefer meeting in person in avon connecticut.

Sent by Amanda on Apr 19

Writing online

Hello, I need your help with my thesis. Can you help?

Sent by Angie on Apr 18

stata online

I need help with a research paper asap, need help with the coding component

Sent by Luke on Apr 18

public speaking online or in-person

are you public speaking tutor o you tutor

Sent by Sai on Apr 18

material science online

Dear Mr. Sarfaraj, do you think you can teach material science? if yes, please I need your Whatssap so we can easily discuss business.

Sent by Ahmed on Apr 17

thermodynamics online

I have an online exam on intro to thermodynamics that I need solved which involves 10 calculation based questions and 10 non-math related problems Would...

Sent by Kevin on Apr 17

FTCE gkt math online

Hello Jennifer My name is W. R. and I am looking for a tutor for the FTCE GKT math section.

Sent by Wendy on Apr 17

Statistics in Haslet, TX

Do you tutor in College Statistics in Saginaw area?

Sent by Shawn on Apr 17

neurodevelopment neurology online

Could you help me with neurodevelopment online at 2pm today

Sent by Vid on Apr 17

electrical circuits online

Can you please share your watsapp number

Sent by Rakan on Apr 17

heat transfer online

Hello Brian, I'm emailing you because I need some help with my heat transfer final exam. Do you help with exams?

Sent by Mark on Apr 17

umair online

I am looking for help in preparing for STEP 2 CS.

Sent by Zeeshan on Apr 16

information systems online

Hello, how are you? I have information system exams and i wish that you can help me with it. It’s after 12 hours

Sent by Fares on Apr 16

USMLE step 2 CK online

need help for usmle step 2 ck

Sent by Nikki on Apr 15

NAPLEX online

Please do you tutor Naplex.Thanks

Sent by Stanley on Apr 15

Business Calc in Midlothian, IL

Hi Erin I need you to save me and am willing to pay.

Sent by Robert on Apr 15

medical coding in Brooklyn, NY

Hi Crystal. My name is S.. I really appreciate it if you could help me. I want a lot of help st for certified coding associate exam though AHIMA, can help me

Sent by Simone on Apr 15

computer coding in Oakland Gardens, NY

Hi Frank, My computer and devices are not secure on my network. I would like an expert opinion on the situation. If you can please contact, I'll explain exactly.

Sent by Judy on Apr 15

Business Stat in Warrington, PA

I just finished my Junior year at Monmouth University and I'm taking Business Stat this summer starting May 26-July 2. I'm looking for help with this course 2x/week.

Sent by Dan on Apr 15

USMLE step 1 online

Hello doctor, I've seen your post in the usmle group,that is really inspirational sir. I'm doing my internship now which started on March And I'm thinking giving...

Sent by Sasanka on Apr 15

DMV exam in Carson, CA

Hi are Interested on working on Zoom to help my 24 year old special needs adult daughter study for her driving test? Please call me I’d love to talk about this.

Sent by Celia on Apr 15

geophysics online

hi, I have a exam on 14th at 1:30pm central time. I was wondering if you can help me during the exam?

Sent by Andy on Apr 14

MBLEX massage online

hello i have attempted the mblex test 3 times. after not needing it for 10 years to massage. my weak points are kinesiology and some terminology in a little anatomy.

Sent by Ladonna on Apr 14

German in Chippewa Lake, OH

Perhaps after the covid thiing calms down, would you be interested in tutoring me in German? I live in Medina and have been looking for a tutor to help me get...

Sent by Rob on Apr 14

computer coders in Oakland Gardens, NY

Hi Frank, I have been having problems with all computers/ devices connected to my home network. I would like a complete check on my computer and network.

Sent by Judy on Apr 14

java programing online

Hi i have an assignment that I want you to check if you are available.

Sent by Hamad on Apr 14

mechanical engineering online

Hello, Hope everything is well. I have a timed assessment on Wednesday which I need your help to solve questions. It is on Wednesday from 8 am - 11 am...

Sent by Hassan on Apr 13

bio in Dorset, VT

Hi Sophie - Your bio is really impressive, and I'm wondering if you'd be interested in tutoring my son? We are looking for someone to help him grow his Spanish...

Sent by Steph on Apr 13

pharmacology online

Hi, could you please help me how to write lab reports? I have three lab reports to hand in, but I have not been there because I was bullied in the uni...

Sent by Ya on Apr 13

astronomy online

Hello, Are you able to do a basic astronomy test? 70 multiple choice

Sent by Gar on Apr 13

USMLE online

Looking for Usmle Step3 Tutor. Thanks

Sent by Ty on Apr 13

maths in Bethlehem, PA

Hello Deepa I learnt from googling, you are teaching maths and located in Bedford, KY? I own shopping center in Carrollton, KY I was planning to have...

Sent by Manhar on Apr 13

nutrition online

Hi Michael. I was wondering if you can help me with a homework on nutrition on April 13th from 1-2 pecific time over the phone. Are you available? Please let me know.

Sent by Zahra on Apr 12

NASM online

An you take my NASM test online

Sent by Dorian on Apr 12

material science online

Hi Sam! I'm an engineering student at the University of Toronto looking for advice on a MSE project. Are you available to help? Thanks!

Sent by Josh on Apr 11

AFOQT online

Good afternoon, My name is C. H.. I am a young bird to the aviation environment with 707 hours of flight time. I have always been interested in the reserves...

Sent by Christopher on Apr 11

Swahili (and French) online

Bonjour M. Timothy! Je suis Américaine à la recherche un tuteur de swahili, mais je veux faire les cours de swahili en français (ma deuxième langue) afin de...

Sent by Nali on Apr 11

Pathophysiology/Anatomy in Clinton Township, MI

Have you had Pathophysiology? I can use you starting in August. My phone # is (phone number available after purchase), Please contact me for further information.

Sent by Cheryl on Apr 11

Algebra, English, Science in Conneaut, OH

We are in need of a tutor for a 15 year old male who needs assistance in most subjects. We are looking for consistency, 2 - 3 days per week.

Sent by Jean on Apr 11

financial online

Hi Chris.. Could you help me with financial reporting paper?(debts/securities)

Sent by Rita on Apr 11

History online or in-person

I am interested in finding an AP History teacher for my daughter for the May AP test. Are you available?

Sent by Jon on Apr 10

virology online

Hi, I need help writing a virology paper. The family I am writing on is Matonaviridae .

Sent by Stephanie on Apr 9

writing in Belton, TX

Hello, my daughter is doing BYU online school for eight grade. She is struggling with her writing skills. I have been trying to help but have not been successful so far.

Sent by Amanda on Apr 9

business and accounting in Owings Mills, MD

I have a small business. Not very successful, trying to survive. I wanted to learn more about business and accounting and anything more. I love learning.

Sent by Lynda on Apr 9

Algebra I in Kelseyville, CA

Hi Laura, I just sent you a message through (url available after purchase) I'm the lady with the strange situation; trying to help my nephew graduate from high school.

Sent by Marci on Apr 8

USMLE online

Hi! I am interested in doing tutoring sessions with you. Please let me know when can I schedule a session with you. Thank you!

Sent by Manjot on Apr 8

USMLE in Spanish online or in-person

Hola amigo Mi nombre es I. Carmona Vivo en Dallas Texas recien me mude y me gustaria ñresenta los steps quisiera recibir alguna tutoria general para como es el...

Sent by Irving on Apr 8

Biology in Camarillo, CA

I am looking for Biology tutor one on one for my son.Please contact my email

Sent by Sasikala on Apr 7

elementary subjects in Wesley Chapel, FL

Good evening. I wanted to know if you could tutor my sisters daughter for me. Thank you

Sent by Pamela on Apr 6

numerical analysis online

I have an assignment in numerical the elliptic PDE the parabolic PDE

Sent by Sattam on Apr 6

computer programming in Omaha, NE

I’m looking for a tutor to help me catch up and get ahead on some programming fundamentals my teachers don’t do a great job of being available outside of class...

Sent by Leonard on Apr 6

finance online

I am looking for help with advanced corporate finance is that something your comfortable with ?

Sent by Sohaib on Apr 6

electrical circuits online

Jafar, I have a timed electric circuits assignment on Monday from 8 am - 11 am. I need to get the assignment done during that time and I need your assistance...

Sent by Hassan on Apr 6

math online

How are you doing? my family is considering hiring you as a math teacher for my son, if you would like to know more about this great job opening in my family?

Sent by Alice on Apr 5

Math in East Canaan, CT

Hi, My name is A.. I am looking for someone to tutor my children. Please give me a call at (phone number available after purchase). Thanks, A.

Sent by Abdoulaye on Apr 5

heat transfer online

Hi Rajat, I was wondering how comfortable you are teaching steady state and transient heat transfer?

Sent by Ray on Apr 4

virology online

Hello Sir, I need your help in virology class

Sent by Light on Apr 4

heat transfer online

I have an heat and mass transfer exam and I want someone to help me

Sent by Abdalkarim on Apr 4

electrical circuits online

Hello, I saw your ad and I'm very interested in your services. I have a timed assignment on Monday from 8 am - 11 am. I need to get the assignment done during that...

Sent by Hassan on Apr 4

nursing online

i look for your help in my assignment could we talk?

Sent by Ana on Apr 4

CPA in Los Angeles, CA

Hi, How are you? I have Financial Accounting Exam next week , Are you free tomorrow to call you ? (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Amad on Apr 3

biochemical engineering online

I’m trying to graduate this semester. Please help me understand and practice biochemical Engineering problems. This COVID19 situation has only made it harder for me.

Sent by Yulissa on Apr 2

heat transfer online

Hello mr. Rajan, I need an online lesson april 10th 1-2 MT. I have a heat transfer online exam and I want to take it with you.

Sent by Aziz on Apr 2

biochemistry and pharmacology online

Hi Afshan, My name is H..I need your help with biochemistry and pharmacology.I can be reached at (phone number available after purchase) and my email is (email...

Sent by Hazel on Apr 2

Math in Northbrook, IL

I require howard for learn.

Sent by Herbert on Apr 2

Romanian online

Rusu, I am needing a tutor for my niece in Math who lives in Romania. It can be done via skype or xoom I am wondering if you might be interested in tutoring her.

Sent by Trent on Apr 2

USMLE step 1 online

Hello, I am a medical student in Sctoland, UK. I wish to go to the US for a residency programme I need good grades and tips for step 1 if you have knowledge...

Sent by Louise on Apr 2

Georgian online

Hello Lamzira, I'm from Czechia. I'm interested in Georgian language. I just have very basic knowledge... I'd like to know if it's possible to have...

Sent by Kristina on Apr 2

algorithms and data structures online

Hey Mrs Meenaskshi! I'm interested in learning algorithms, data structure so that i can be suited for a computer science job interview. Thank you, J.

Sent by Jaavion on Apr 2

Stats online

Hi Navin! I believe you taught AP Stats at Canterbury, correct? I got your name from another local tutor. We live in the area and our daughter is a sophomore in college.

Sent by Kathleen on Apr 1

meteorology online or in-person

Hi. Can you help me with meteorology?

Sent by Abdullah on Apr 1

algorithms online

Hey Jim! I'm interested in learning algorithms, data structure so that i can be suited for a computer science job interview

Sent by Jaavion on Apr 1

dyscalculia online

Just looking to get more information on tutoring for my son who is dyslexic and also has dyscalculia. He is 9 and in the 3rd grade.

Sent by Kelli on Apr 1