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Heat Transfer and Heat in Clemson, SC

Need tutoring in ME Controls, Heat Transfer, and Thermodynamics. Please advise if you are available for any or all subjects.

Sent by John on 10/31/18

reading in Zachary, LA

My husband and I are looking for someone to tutor two of our four children in reading. We are looking for a possible sitter as well.

Sent by Farrah on 10/31/18

math in Orinda, CA

Hi Christine, I am looking into math tutoring for my 5th grader. Would like to speak with you to see if it’s a good match, if you have availability.

Sent by Desiree on 10/31/18

math in Skokie, IL

Hi, I'm looking for a math tutor for my son. He is a HS jr and struggling in accelerate algebra trig. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

Sent by Martha on 10/31/18

algebra in Morgantown, WV

My son, Max, is a senior at MHS and is having some trouble with his Web Access algebra class. Would you be able to help him? Also, what is your availability?

Sent by Joni on 10/31/18

FINRA series 6 in Irvine, CA

I have a series 6 class I need some tutoring on tight schedule due to travel but I need some help (phone number available after purchase) ty

Sent by Phil on 10/31/18

All general school subjects in Leadville, CO

Hello! I am hoping to get some information on your tutoring. I have a very special case that is very sensitive, My family member is turning 13 in December...

Sent by Meagan on 10/31/18

Biostatistics for USMLE step in Houston, TX

can you teach Biostatistics for step 3

Sent by Siva on 10/31/18

reading in Bluffton, SC

ISO a reading tutor for my boss's son who is almost 9 years old. They live in Bluffton - Lawton Station. I hope to hear from you soon! Thank you! S.

Sent by Sharon on 10/31/18

ADHD in Visalia, CA

HI MY SON IS A junior in high school he was diagnosis with adhd and reads at a second grade level he needs help with spelling reading and writing.

Sent by Maricela on 10/30/18

organic chemistry in Charleston, SC

Hello, Im a junior at the college of Charleston and really need help with organic tutoring, I can possibly fail the course.

Sent by Je on 10/30/18

math in Manning, SC

Hello Wanda, My name is C. R.. My daughter Hailey is in the 5th grade and she is struggling in math. I'd really like to get some help for her.

Sent by Cassie on 10/30/18

autism in Logan, UT

I have a daughter who is a sophomore at USU. She is high on the autism spectrum and she is struggling in school. She is in Student Support Services but needs help...

Sent by Kolleen on 10/30/18

math in Jacksonville, NC

Hello, I am seaching for a math tutor for my son who is in 9th grade. Please contact me.

Sent by Latonya on 10/30/18

public speaking in North Richland Hills, TX

Hi, So much of what I do these days involves public speaking, support group meetings, and legislative work. I really need to finally deal with the issue. I am not a kid.

Sent by Michael on 10/30/18

real estate in Los Angeles, CA

Hello Abe, I work for Tower Investments group and my boss wants me to learn how to underwrite deals and he would like me to create a financial model for myself...

Sent by Chris on 10/30/18

Physics in Lisle, IL

My Daughter is a Junior at Downers South taking Honors Physics. She is in need of additional assistance with the material. I look forward to connecting. Thank you. B.

Sent by Bill on 10/30/18

USMLE step 3 in Sacramento, CA

Hi Dr. Rehman, We are looking a tutor for my son to prepare USMLE Step 3. Please call me at (phone number available after purchase) to discuss. Thanks P.

Sent by Pawan on 10/30/18

USMLE 1 and 3 in New York, NY

Hi, looking for usmle step 1 tutoring. kindly reply and let me know if you are available. Thanks

Sent by Mr. on 10/30/18

ADHD in Columbia, MS

Hello I'm in search of a tutor that can help my 6 year old son . He has ADHD and need help in math, reading, English and spelling .

Sent by Amanda on 10/29/18

dyscalculia and dyslexia in Redwood City, CA

Hi. I have a 9 year old daughter who has been diagnosed with dyscalculia, dyslexia, and dysgraphia. I’m interested in your tutoring service for dyscalculia.

Sent by Tramane on 10/29/18

English and ESL in New York, NY

Hi Shefali! I need an English teacher for private lessons in NYC. Please send me a message or email to (email available after purchase). I.

Sent by Iñigo on 10/29/18

special needs in Palm Coast, FL

I need a tutor for special needs to support a Home schooling process I appreciate if you can contact me ASAP Thank you

Sent by Antonio on 10/29/18

pre calculus in Far Rockaway, NY

I’m looking for a pre calculus tutor for my son who is 16. Please get back to me

Sent by Veronica on 10/29/18

Spanish in Newark, DE

I have a 15yr old son that need help with Spanish.

Sent by Stella on 10/29/18

computer in Morongo Valley, CA

I am struggling in my class and am looking for someone who can meet once or twice a week to help me understand faster. I live in Morongo Valley Ca.

Sent by Christy on 10/29/18

biology in VA

Hello Madison, Would you take the offer to tutor my son Rodriguez 13 year old on biology if yes, I will like to know how much you would charge an hour twice...

Sent by Eric on 10/29/18

NASM in Youngsville, LA

hi Joshua. My name is R., I am currently enrolled in NASM self study and I live in California. I recently went through a breakup, and the anxiety and stress of...

Sent by Ryan on 10/29/18

math in Milton, FL

I have a 12 year old struggling with intensive math 7th grade. Would you be interested in helping him 2 hours on a Saturday?

Sent by Brandon on 10/29/18

writing in Erie, PA

Looking for tutor to tutor on Campus at Mercyhurst for freshman dance major. Writing, organizational skills. Must be willing to have patience until student gets up...

Sent by Eileen on 10/29/18

Spanish in Youngstown, OH

Hello Amanda, Would you take the offer to tutor my son Rodriguez 13 year old on the Spanish language if yes, I will like to know how much you would charge...

Sent by Eric on 10/29/18

linear algebxra in Vienna, VA

Hey Frank, I am taking an advanced mathematics course I would like some help in solving some exercises. I live nearby you in Tysons Corner.

Sent by Alkindi on 10/29/18

computer science machine in Los Altos, CA

i am a first year graduate student at Stanford . can you tutor in machine learning?

Sent by Debra on 10/29/18

English in Lakeville, MN

Please let me know if you still available to tutor . My son is 9th grade and he needs help civic and English. Thanks D.

Sent by Deqa on 10/28/18

nursing in Taylor, MI

I need anatomy and physiology, basic geriatric maths , foundation of nursing

Sent by Navneet on 10/28/18

statistics in North Miami Beach, FL

Hello Mikaila, I'm currently looking for a Stat tutor as I'm having difficulties understanding some of the material. I live near FIU north campus and work near Ft.lau.

Sent by Agustin on 10/28/18

math in New York, NY

Hello Riley, Would you take the offer to tutor my daughter Isabella 13 year old on math if yes, I will like to know how much you would charge an hour twice...

Sent by Jerry on 10/27/18

NBME in Garland, TX

I have tried to pass the NBME multiple times since 2014 and I just cannot do it. It has been a struggle for me so please help me

Sent by Nishant on 10/27/18

c# in Chicago, IL

How good are you with C#? I am working as a C# developer but I have recently started a corporate job and need professional level help.

Sent by Terry on 10/27/18

environmental science in Casselberry, FL

Hi I need tutoring for env science college twice a week

Sent by Rayan on 10/27/18

quickbooks in Boston, MA

need help learning how to use quickbooks for my small business. I live near Allston.

Sent by Rick on 10/27/18

Palm Coast, FL

I am looking for a tutor and I would like more information. Thank you

Sent by Sofia on 10/26/18

ACT in Dover, MA

I am looking for a tutor to help my daughter prepare for the ACT

Sent by Mar-cia on 10/26/18

Italian in Barnegat, NJ

Marisa I’m interesting in learning to speak Italian at a simple level, just enough to get by since I travel to Italy for business..

Sent by Lucy on 10/26/18

nursing in Houston, TX

Good afternoon, I'm in of tutoring for the nursing Hesi exam to get into the nursing program..

Sent by Denise on 10/26/18

Math in Sparta, NJ

Hi Sandra, I am seeking a tutor for my 6th grade son who is struggling in Math. Please let me know if you may be interested. I live in Sparta, NJ. Thank you, S.

Sent by Susan on 10/26/18

algebra in Vicksburg, MS

Good afternoon, please contact me @ (phone number available after purchase). I need an algebra tutor for my 15 year old son AJ. Please call as soon as you are available.

Sent by Andre on 10/26/18


Hello, I’m looking for a tutor to help me with my exam, are you free to help? Kind regards

Sent by Medina on 10/26/18

algebra in Stafford, VA

My son needs help in algebra 3. Can you help?

Sent by Sabrina on 10/26/18

math in Stockton, CA

Hi Mathew, am having trouble with my math (statistic). When can we meet this weekend.

Sent by Ima on 10/26/18

molecular biology in Bethesda, MD

hi I'm doing Radiochemistry master degree and I need some could help me in understanding some of the topic also can help me how to good at writing research...

Sent by Hamdan on 10/26/18

Statistics in Logan, UT

Hi Lacy, I'm a professor at USU and my daughter is a senior at Green Canyon High School in Logan. She needs some one-on-one help in her Statistics class (college...

Sent by Dave on 10/25/18

statistic in Stockton, CA

Hi Jaslin, when can we meet today or tomorrow? I need help with statistics.

Sent by Ima on 10/25/18

physiology in Lake Mary, FL

Looking for a tutor for my son, he is a pursuing a bachelors degree at UCF and needs some help in Physiology. My phone number is (phone number available after...

Sent by Rizwan on 10/25/18

trigonometry in Los Angeles, CA

Hi - are you still available to tutor trigonometry? Are you able to go to the Crossroads School in Santa Monica from 1-3 on a Wednesday or Thursday?

Sent by Selene on 10/25/18

reading in Mabank, TX

Hi Amy, I'm looking for a tutor for my niece. She is in elementary school and several levels behind in Reading. Please let me know if you would be interested.

Sent by Kelsey on 10/25/18

FTCE in Miami, FL

Iliana, I need help passing the Essay portion of the GK. Please email me your information for tutoring. Thank you. C. G.

Sent by Clara on 10/25/18

Algebra in Greenwood, SC

Hi Cindy. I'm needing help with my niece. She is struggling with Algebra 1. Can you please provide your availability?

Sent by NatAli on 10/25/18

biology 9th grade in Venice, FL

My daughter is a freshman at Cardinal Mooney and is looking for help in her Biology class.

Sent by Tara on 10/25/18

1st grade reading, and in Tylertown, MS

Hello Sandra, I'm in search of a 1st grade reading, and spelling tutor.. what age do you start tutoring ? Thank you A.

Sent by Amanda on 10/24/18

English in Canton, MI

looking for High School English female tutor for my daughter.

Sent by Asif on 10/24/18

TSI in Portland, TX

Hi, Victoria. I was wondering if you would consider tutoring my 8th grader for the TSI? I am getting her an early start into college classes.

Sent by Michelle on 10/24/18

USMLE step 2 ck in Cleveland, OH

Hi Malik , looking for step 2 ck online training. Please let me know your availability. Thank you.

Sent by Prasanthi on 10/24/18

calculus in Daytona Beach, FL

Hello I study at Embry-Riddle and I would like help with calculus 2 as soon as possible as I have a test coming up. Also I will be available after 8 today.

Sent by Rashid on 10/24/18

Algebra in Owings Mills, MD

Hello, I'm looking for a Algebra 1 tutor for my 14 year old daughter. Im looking for a in home tutor once or twice a week in the evening.

Sent by Neitra on 10/24/18

Economics in Oxford, MS

Hi, I am a junior at Ole Miss. I am struggling greatly with Economics statistics class (Econ/Bus 230) and was wondering if this is something you would be able...

Sent by Steven on 10/24/18

USMLE in Glyndon, MD

Hello asa i will be taking my step 1 soon. I was wondering if u can assist me.

Sent by Warda on 10/24/18

pre algebra in Edgewater Park, NJ

My daughter cO.uld use tutO.ring fO.r 7th grade pre algebra. We live in Edgewater Park.

Sent by Martin on 10/24/18

Ukrainian in San Diego, CA

Hello, I am interested in learning Ukrainian. I have just started learning on my own but I feel having a tutor will help to learn the language better.

Sent by Tyler on 10/24/18

chemistry in Massillon, OH

Hi, Are you available to tutor for uS.? We are looking for help in ACT S.cience and EngliS.h. PleaS.e reS.pond. Thank You!

Sent by Melinda on 10/24/18

c# .net ASP in Chicago, IL

Hi kamelesh I understand you teach .net asp Mac? I’m looking for some instruction in this subject are you currently working as a software developer now?

Sent by Terry on 10/24/18

math in Jonesboro, GA

How I am trying to get a tutor for my 11 year old in the 5th grade for math and social studies my number (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Anissa on 10/24/18

NBME in Brooklyn, NY

Dear Dr Do you teach out of New York that is online Thank you

Sent by Amanda on 10/24/18

ASTB in Cleveland, OH

Do you tutor for the ASTB? If so, would you be able to Skype? I live in the Boston area. Thank you.

Sent by Richard on 10/23/18

ASTB in Boston, MA

Hello Joe. My son is @ Brandeis University. U r in MD. Politely, do you know any tutors/peers in the Boston area? As a courtesy. TY in advance. Jay Selznick, M.D.

Sent by Dr. on 10/23/18

math in Grants Pass, OR

Hi Michael, My name is A. and I have a son named Grady that recently started the 6th grade. He started 6th grade at North Middle school in Grants Pass.

Sent by Amanda on 10/23/18

physiology in Concord, NH

Hi Brett, I've tried reaching you on one of the other tutoring sites. Our daughter, Emma, is a 1st year student at UNH Durham campus, and is in need of tutoring...

Sent by Mark on 10/23/18

Math in Ada, OK

I have 7th grade twins that need some assistance with Math. One of the twins have an A, and one has an 88. I work with them each night, but I'm not a teacher.

Sent by Lora on 10/23/18

vector calculus in Pensacola, FL

Hi! Do you think you can help tutor Vector Calculus for Math GRE?

Sent by Sahira on 10/23/18

abacus in Plainview, NY

Hello, I have a 7 year old girl that would like to elarn abacus. Are you able to help?

Sent by Seniha on 10/23/18

organic chemistry in Tampa, FL

Hi, I am a sophomore at University of Tampa and looking for a tutor in organic chemistry. I came across your profile and was wondering if you would travel to me...

Sent by Jessica on 10/23/18

Common Core in Escalon, CA

Do you tutor in Turlock for Common Core Honors Integrated Math III?

Sent by Bonnie on 10/23/18

accounting in Greensboro, NC

Hello! I am currently a student attending UNCG and taking a basic level managerial accounting class that I am looking for help with.

Sent by Matthee on 10/23/18

adobe photoshop in Portland, OR

Hi Jake, I am interested in developing in digital art. I am relatively inexperienced and am looking to meet with somebody every week or two who can help me...

Sent by Brandon on 10/23/18

java in Philadelphia, PA

Looking for immediate help with Java, specifically object-oriented programming, recursive algorithms sorting methods. Am a student at Arcadia.

Sent by Lloyd on 10/23/18

Math and Reading in Abita Springs, LA

Hello. We are looking for a tutor for our 5 year old in kindergarten. She did not go to preschool and is behind. Thanks.

Sent by Amy on 10/23/18

Reading and Math in Covington, LA

Hello. We are looking for a tutor for our 5 year old in Kindergarten. She didn't attend preschool and is a bit behind.

Sent by Pablo on 10/23/18

USMLE in Hanover, NH

Hello, I am looking for a tutor to help me with my exam Are you free to help ? Thank you

Sent by Medina on 10/23/18

Chinese in Gloucester, VA

Extremely bright 16 year old Chinese needs basic English grammar and later study for the sat. Want to be an eye doctor.

Sent by David on 10/23/18

Math and Spanish in Lake Stevens, WA

Hello Jonathan My son is in Grade 11 at LSHS. I would like to get him a Math and Spanish tutor. I see you instruct Math, please let me know your availability.

Sent by Vaughan on 10/23/18

geometry in Elk River, MN

Hi Nick. Can you tell me how you work for tutoring in geometry? Do you sign a contract is it pay as you go how does it work? Thank you

Sent by Paul on 10/22/18

algorithms in Irvine, CA

Hello Dirk, I am a computer science student at UC Irvine and I would like some help in my algorithms class. Are you available for tutoring in algorithms?

Sent by Matthew on 10/22/18

skateboarding in Savannah, GA

Hello, My name is R. K. and I am a high school student from Gabrielino High School in San Gabriel, California. I am currently working on my senior project called...

Sent by Roy on 10/22/18

accounting in Lubbock, TX

My daughter Kasey needs help in accounting.

Sent by Tracy on 10/22/18

ACT test prep in East Amherst, NY

Hi Abbey, I got your email form WYzant, but this one is slightly more reasonable. Can you contact me through this site instead. Please call me at (phone number...

Sent by Elias on 10/21/18

chemistry in Durham, NH

I'm looking for a chemistry tutor for my daughter who attends unh

Sent by Lisa on 10/21/18

CPA in Astoria, NY

Can you help tutor me for the audit section of CPA Exam because I'm having trouble learning the material. I live in Astoria, Queens was wondering if we can meet up...

Sent by Chris on 10/21/18

English in Moncks Corner, SC

My daughter is a junior at Berkeley Middle College and she needs help in English and writing essays.

Sent by Sam on 10/21/18

Algebra in Brentwood, CA

Hi Emily. I have a freshman that needs help with Algebra 1.

Sent by Kat on 10/21/18

physics in San Antonio, TX

I am trying to find my son who is a student at Trinity University a private tutor for physics. Can you please let me know if you are close to 78212 along with your...

Sent by Kelli on 10/21/18

NCLEX in Scranton, PA

Trying to get prep up better for nursing test and quiz currently in nursing program at Luzerne college

Sent by Kori on 10/20/18

Algorithms and data in Mount Vernon, WA

Hi Jim, Can you help me in tutoring Data Structures and Algorithms. Would like to know more about this?

Sent by Ranjith on 10/20/18

c++ in Concord, CA

Hi chitra, My daughter is looking for a tutor in c++ programming language. Her major is computer science. If you are available please contact my number (phone...

Sent by Asha on 10/20/18

dr. kyle v in Huntington, WV

Hi my name is S.. I am looking for a usmle step 1 tutor and who could start as soon as possible. Please let me know if you are available. Thanks

Sent by Sabha on 10/20/18

reading in Newport, NC

Hello, my second grader son is behind he need help with reading and comprehension. Thank you, S. Pena

Sent by Stefani on 10/20/18

math in Ellenville, NY

looking for online tutoring

Sent by Muhammad on 10/20/18

math in The Villages, FL

I need a math tutor for my son on his 9th grade Cambridge AICE Geometry math.

Sent by Bernard on 10/20/18

Accounting in Monterey Park, CA

I'm looking for a "live" not online one on one tutor for Managerial Accounting on weekly basis. Can you please respond ASAP on your availability starting today. Thanks

Sent by Martin on 10/20/18

Paralegal in Fresno, CA

Hello. My wife needs some tutoring for FCC paralegal program assignments asap. If available please advise days and times for 1 hour session(s). Thanks!

Sent by Rick on 10/20/18

Kindergarten (elementary in Yuma, AZ

I need assistance with getting my my son Zechariah who is 4 prepared for kindergarten. 1 -2 days a week.

Sent by Pauline on 10/20/18

USMLE in Riverside, CA

Hello Hajra, I kindly request your help in physiology and anatomy sections of my NBDE EXAM Please let me know if you can help as soon as possible Kind...

Sent by Medina on 10/20/18

theology in Silver Spring, MD

Hello Sean I am requesting tutoring for my high school son I can be reached by email or phone (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Paul on 10/19/18

MBLEX in York, PA

Hello Amanda, I'm contacting you because I am having such a hard time passing my mblex. I study and I can never seem to pass and I'm just frustrated and really need...

Sent by Tiana on 10/19/18

Math, English and Science in Gilberts, IL

Tutoring for 2 Kids 4 n 5 yrs old for Math English n Science in Hoffman Estates. 3 times a week 1 to 2 hr per time.

Sent by Neil on 10/19/18

project management in Greenville, NC

I'm completing a simulation project for my project management class, MIS 6723, and need help with completing it! if you could help me that would be amazing...

Sent by Kelly on 10/19/18

English in Morganville, NJ

Looking for tutor for SAT Reading. We are located very near to your place in MOrganville NJ

Sent by Sairamya on 10/19/18

reading and Spansish in Fairburn, GA

Hello Tracy-Ann. I am the mother of a 5 yr old kindergartner that needs some additional assistance with reading, blending sounds, and reading comprehension.

Sent by DaShaunté on 10/19/18

ESL / linguistics in Davis, CA

Hello, I have problem in pronouncing letter R , so i want to ask if you can help me with that online ? Thx

Sent by Mahmoud on 10/19/18

python in Burlington, VT

Looking for some help for son taking an intro. to Python course at UVM.

Sent by Ken on 10/19/18

hydraulic engineering in Tampa, FL

Please I have a midterm tomorrow for hydraulics course in construction engineering technician program at algonquin college i really need your help it's important ...

Sent by Haidar on 10/18/18

reading in Simpsonville, SC

Hello ! This is L. S. My son is currently in the 3rd grade and needs assistance with reading , writing, and a little math. Can you please email or call me as soon as...

Sent by Latoya on 10/18/18

Math and reading in Simpsonville, SC

Hello Mrs. Harriet. My name is L. S. and my son , Malijah Williams needs a little help in Math and Reading. He have a hard time comprehending with he reads.

Sent by Latoya on 10/18/18

nursing in Columbia, MO

Joshua I am entering Nursing School in the Spring of 2019 I hear from current students that a tutor would be helpful in my nursing courses.

Sent by Tann on 10/18/18

HESI fundamental of nursing in Stuart, FL

I am looking for a nursing tutor to help me pass the Hesi F

Sent by Paula on 10/18/18

Managerial accounting in San Pedro, CA

Hi Colin — I found your ad on Tutorz. I’m looking for a tutor for my post grad Managerial acctg class that just started last week.

Sent by Martin on 10/18/18

HESI A2 in Houston, TX

I need Hesi tutoring, hopefully you can help me

Sent by Gwendolyn on 10/18/18

organic chemistry in Trenton, NJ

I’m looking for a tutor for orgo Chemistry for my daughter. She is a second year student at TCNJ. I would like the individual to meet with her on Camden.

Sent by Victoria on 10/18/18

Tutoria para mi hijo en casa in Goldsboro, NC

Hi I am interested in giving my son tutoring at home since I want to do a school at home if you could give me a little more information about you I am interested...

Sent by Daymi on 10/18/18

CLEP in Satellite Beach, FL

Hi! I'm a student at EFSC and I only need to pass two CLEP tests to get my AA and move on to the next step. If possible I need to be ready to take both tests by...

Sent by William on 10/18/18

Ukrainian in Plano, TX

Hi! Is the group lesson something I can join or do I need to create my own group? My father and I are missionaries in Ukraine. I made my first trip here this fall.

Sent by Sarah on 10/18/18

history in Glenview, IL

Hello, my name is S. H. and I'm a special education history teacher in the suburbs. I'm looking to find a mentor teacher to help me plan instruction and organize...

Sent by Spencer on 10/18/18

Enterprise Architecture and in New York, NY

Hi, I have some queries on Enterprise Architecture and Information Systems

Sent by Avi on 10/18/18

mathematics in San Jose, CA

Hello, I am H. G. from india I am doing Msc in mathematics I want do also Ph.D in mathematics. So can you give me some suggestions for prepare CSIR exam ?

Sent by Hemant on 10/17/18

Conversational French in Hilton Head Island, SC

Hello Janette, my husband and I Visit France frequently and try to keep up with the language. We have taken classes both in Boston and here.

Sent by Janice on 10/17/18

Spanish in Vallejo, CA

I’m looking for a Spanish teacher and math for my daughter Alexis W. ASAP

Sent by Cliff on 10/17/18

pharmacology in Los Angeles, CA

Hi Ollya I am looking for a Pharmacology tutor. Am now in PA school in L.A. I am in the 90036 area near LACMA.

Sent by Badou on 10/17/18

powerpoint in Tucson, AZ

Hi Joy, hope you can help me out! I actually don't need tutoring, though I am still happy to pay your $25hr tutoring rate for what I need: Could you convert...

Sent by Keri on 10/17/18

math in Gardner, MA

Hi there. My daughter is in seventh grade. She is very bright, but is having a very difficult time grasping word problems. I was looking for her to have...

Sent by Katy on 10/17/18

visual basic in Saint Charles, MO

Hi Nathan, My name is J. and I live in St. Peters, MO. I am an older guy who is looking for a tutor in visual (url available after purchase) I have some...

Sent by Jim on 10/17/18

history and English in Great Neck, NY

Hi, I am looking for a great history and English teacher for my kid tutor in physics AP for my kids in Great Neck. Please let me know if you are available!

Sent by Kevin on 10/17/18

quickbooks in Rowland Heights, CA

Hi Julianne I need to learn how to use quickbooks inventory , I don't know how to set up, do you think you can help.? I am in city of industry ...

Sent by Connie on 10/16/18

real estate in Alpharetta, GA

Hello. I am in need of a real estate tutor to help me study for the state exam. Is this something you are able to help me with? Thank you.

Sent by Kai on 10/16/18

AP Statistics in Brewster, NY

Hi Dan, Contacting you on behalf if my daughter Florence, who is a senior at Brewster hs. She has just recently made a change to her schedule and is finding...

Sent by Angela on 10/16/18

SAT Math in Reno, NV

Hello! I need tutoring for SAT.

Sent by Crystal on 10/16/18

USMLE in Chicago, IL

Hi my name is O. , Im looking for one on one tutoring for USMLE Step 1. If your available please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank You

Sent by Orestis on 10/16/18

writing for law paralegal in Fresno, CA

hi Satenik, my wife is in paralegal program, needs some minimal tutor support for assignments, writing briefs, etc, please let me know if available and how soon, thanks!

Sent by Rick on 10/16/18

USMLE in New York, NY

hello! looking for a USMLE tutor

Sent by Nicole on 10/16/18

Algebra in Macon, GA

Hello my daughter is taking Algebra 2 advance meaning she is in 10th grade and she is on a 11th grade level in gifted. However she is failing and needs help.

Sent by Pilar on 10/16/18

math in Prairieville, LA

Hello, Do you have any openings on Tues or Wed nights for 7th grade advanced (8th grade) math? Thanks, L. R. 907-7411

Sent by Lori on 10/16/18

Physics in North Easton, MA

Bob- my son Jackson is a student at Oliver Ames HS and struggling with AP Physics. I want to find him a tutor. Can we discuss this? Thanks. K.

Sent by Kathy on 10/16/18

Geometry in Basking Ridge, NJ

Good afternoon, My name is S. and my son is freshman at Ridge High. He needs some help with Geometry and I am looking for a personal tutor who can come...

Sent by Sunil on 10/16/18

6th grade math, science in Mandeville, LA

Hi Angela, We are looking for a tutor to help our 12 yr. old daughter in our home on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

Sent by Doug on 10/16/18

public speaking in Deerfield Beach, FL

Mrs. Bonny Good afternoon You have not left your phone number, reason why I could not reach out to you. Please call at (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Rosangela on 10/16/18

geometry in North Brunswick, NJ

Hi I amlooking for a geometry tutor for my 8th grade son. We can start ASAP . Appreciate if you can give me a call at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Salinda on 10/16/18

accounting in Norfolk, VA

I have about five chapters of incomplete accounting homework which consists of 3 assignments for each chapter and two exams with Mcgraw hill learn connect online.

Sent by Teresa on 10/16/18

NAPLEX in West Lafayette, IN

Hi. I am looking for a Naplex tutor.

Sent by Roman on 10/16/18

math and reading for my five in Tallahassee, FL

Hi I have a 5 year old son he's in kindergarten I want him to get ahead of the class

Sent by Ronald on 10/16/18

middle school math in Medina, OH

Hi Susan, I am looking for a tutor for my 11 year old nephew. He is struggling doing his homework every night and needs someone to help him out. He is in 6th grade.

Sent by Randi on 10/16/18

pre calculus in Walled Lake, MI

Need pre calculus tutoring for daughter, we live in the Novi area.

Sent by Tina on 10/16/18

USMLE in Cos Cob, CT

Hello Dr Divesh I am intrested in joining your group for USMLE step 1 and would like to speak to you to get some knowledge about the study plan.

Sent by Salam on 10/15/18

Nursing in Olmsted Falls, OH

I am doing this for my son.He took the NCLEX test & failed.Then he took the course from Herst took the exam again.Kevin was at work at the Cleveland Clinic he was...

Sent by Maureen on 10/15/18

sociology in Youngstown, OH

Can you ghostwrite a Sociology homework assignment for me?

Sent by Jim on 10/15/18

math in Zanesville, OH

Hello my daughter is a 8th grader at west Muskingum she having trouble in language arts and math. (she does have adhd.)How would schuleding work.

Sent by James on 10/15/18

math in Upper Marlboro, MD

Good Evening. I'm interested in tutoring services for my 13 year old daughter. She's currently in the 8th grade and she has requested a math tutor.

Sent by Nicole on 10/15/18

physics in Mission Viejo, CA

Hi An, My daughter is a Sophomore at San Juan Hills High School and need help with her AP Physics and Pre Calculus class. We are available for tutoring between 6pm...

Sent by Namrata on 10/15/18

finance in Brunswick, OH

Working on my MBA/MSN. I need help thinking through finance and applying it to excel. Are you still tutoring? Thanks C.

Sent by Craig on 10/15/18

algebra in Bedford, NH

I am looking for a tutor for my grandson who attends Bedford High School. He is failing Algebra 2, and Chemistry. I am looking for someone who can tutor him 3...

Sent by Sheri on 10/15/18

Trigonometry and statistics in Howell, MI

We are looking for immediate help for our son who is struggling in his FST (Functions/Statistic/Trigonometry) class at Howell High School. Do you have any availability?

Sent by Bonnie on 10/15/18

applied math in College Park, MD

Surbhi, I am a student at the University of Maryland studying Mathematics and Economics. I am currently enrolled in AMSC460 - Computational Methods (applied math).

Sent by Khalid on 10/15/18

visual in Saint Louis, MO

Hi Mr. Lincoln, My name is J. and I live in St. Peters. I am looking for a tutor in both (url available after purchase) and some minor tutoring in Microsoft Office.

Sent by Jim on 10/15/18

geometry in New Brunswick, NJ

Hi Anagh I am looking for tutor for my 8th grade son for language arts. please call me (phone number available after purchase) when you get a chance.

Sent by Salinda on 10/15/18

ACT in Lakeville, MN

Hello Grace, My son Michael is taking the ACT on 10/27. He has a 30 as a top score, which is fantastic, however English he has consistently received a 23.

Sent by John on 10/14/18

Chemistry in Wichita Falls, TX

Good evening,. I'm looking for someone who can help my 11th grade daughter in AP Chemistry.

Sent by Tina on 10/14/18

reading and in Gibsonia, PA

Hi Jennifer, We are looking for a reading tutor for our daughter, Ella. She’s in 4th grade at Poff Elementary in Hampton Township.

Sent by Michael on 10/14/18

USMLE step 1 in Cleveland, OH

Hi, I am an international medical graduate studying for step 1. My 2 last nbmes have been 215 and 219 and I feel stuck! I have 6 weeks of dedicated study time...

Sent by Juan on 10/13/18

USMLE step 2 CK in Kingwood, TX

Hi. Looking for Step2ck tutor. please respond at your earliest availabiliT.. Thanks

Sent by Ty on 10/13/18

physical chemistry and biology in Geneseo, NY

Hi can you do chem and biology freshman college?

Sent by Scott on 10/13/18

Economics in College Park, MD

Hi Stephanie, I am a student at the University of Maryland studying Mathematics and Economics. I am currently enrolled in AMSC460 - Computational Methods.

Sent by Khalid on 10/13/18

Physiology, Histology in Forest Hills, NY

Hi Atul, I see that you are in forest hills and that you only tutor over webcam. Would it be possible to have live tutoring given that I also am in Forest Hills?

Sent by Osbaldo on 10/13/18

language arts in Monmouth Junction, NJ

Hi Jason I am looking for tutor for my 8th grade son for language arts. please call me (phone number available after purchase) when you get a chance

Sent by Salinda on 10/13/18

English in Monmouth Junction, NJ

sorry I missed your response regA.rding my 8th (url available after purchase) son's English touring. query. (url available after purchase) cA.

Sent by Salinda on 10/13/18

statistics in Baltimore, MD

Hello Craig - I’m contacting you on behalf of my daughter who is a jr at Johns Hopkins but busy all day playing in a Hopkins lacrosse tournament.

Sent by Becca on 10/13/18

USMLE step 2 in Cos Cob, CT

Hi Dr. Rabail, Im currently in the process of taking the USMLE Step 2 and needed assistance passing a school NBME certification exam.

Sent by Seema on 10/13/18

statistics in New York, NY

Hi Megan: My daughter is a freshman at NYU Stern. Unfortunately, she is having some difficulty in her 6 credit statistics course. Do you tutor for college statistics?

Sent by Len on 10/12/18

robotics in Fayetteville, AR

hi I have homework in modeling in robotics that I need help with . whats app (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Khaled on 10/12/18

mechanical engineering in Keller, TX

hi I have class called modeling of robotics. can you help me with this class

Sent by Khaled on 10/12/18

USMLE Step 2 CK cardiology in Huntington, WV

Hi- I am looking for Usmle Step2ck tutor.

Sent by Ty on 10/12/18

algebra in Walpole, MA

I'm looking for a HS tutor for my Junior son struggling in algebra II/Pre calc

Sent by Mary on 10/12/18

SPSS in Tampa, FL

I need some help with my spss work, i need urgent feed back

Sent by Chuks on 10/12/18

Punjabi in Reno, NV

Hello Muhammad, I am an MD that is currently working for Renown as a Supervisor of Coding Education. My husband is originally from India and he speaks Punjabi...

Sent by Heather on 10/12/18

chemistry in Manhasset, NY

Hello - My name is S. and I live in Manhasset. I was wondering if you had time in your schedule to help my daughter in HS Regents Chemistry.

Sent by Suzanne on 10/12/18

English in Erie, PA

Ann, Can we talk by phone next week? E. (phone number available after purchase) (I am in NY.)

Sent by Eileen on 10/12/18

chemistry in Buzzards Bay, MA

My name is C. and I am a freshman at Mass Maritime Academy. I was looking for some tutoring in Chemistry. I am available Mon through Thursday after 6 - 6:30pm on campus.

Sent by Curtis on 10/12/18

Electrical Engineering in Gambrills, MD

Hello my name is J. M. and I am a recent graduate and I need a refresher in how certain components in a circuit work, how they are used in a circuit and real life...

Sent by Jordan on 10/11/18

marketing in Moriches, NY

I am a PhD student in marketing and would like to seek help in working on reading and crossing the journal articles, please help.

Sent by Carman on 10/11/18

math in Dallas, GA

Hi My son, Jeremiah needs help with math. I was wondering if you have some time to assist him? He’s a senior at East Paulding high school.

Sent by Rhonda on 10/11/18

nursing in Hastings, MI

I am currently in med surgery 3. I am in need of some help as I am currently failing. If you could get back with me I would greatly appreciate it.

Sent by Shane on 10/11/18

algebra 2 in Ocean View, DE

I have 10th grader taking Alegebra 2 in Sussex County. Are you familiar with the curriculum? Thank you.

Sent by Dean on 10/11/18

NASM in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Hi Ashley, My son has taken the NASM exam 3 time and failed all three times. Can you help? We are in California

Sent by Miriam on 10/11/18

stochastic calculus in Clarksville, MD

Hi, would you be able to teach me Stochastic Calculus? I'm taking a Financial Engineering course.

Sent by Jason on 10/11/18

nursing in Miller Place, NY

Can I get nursing med surge tutoring ? I will travel to you

Sent by Ruchika on 10/11/18

Algebra in Owings Mills, MD

Help need a Algebra tutor for my duaghter

Sent by Joann on 10/11/18

physics in Monroe Township, NJ

Hello My son needs help in physics . He is in 11th grade. 2 houres a day and twice a week i can pay u $15/hr. thank you

Sent by Neeru on 10/11/18

USMLE step 3 in Norristown, PA

hi, looking for usmle step 3 tutoring. please give me a call at (phone number available after purchase). thanks

Sent by Shakti on 10/11/18

accounting in Bloomington, IL

I neE. a local tutor for my college son in the Normal Il area. He neE.s immE.iate help with Account 131. Are you available?

Sent by Ed on 10/11/18

EA electronic arts in Cos Cob, CT

To understand my coursework

Sent by Avi on 10/10/18

physics in West Chester, OH

Are you still tutoring in physics. If so what time do you have available.

Sent by Kevin on 10/10/18

Sociology in San Antonio, TX

I am currently a student at University of Texas at San Antonio. I am preparing for exam coming up tomorrow and I was wondering if I can use some help in preparing...

Sent by Sarah on 10/10/18

psychology in Rosenberg, TX

Good afternoon Alisha , I’m currently taking psychology online at Texas State Technical College. The area that I need help with is the writing assignments.

Sent by Lionel on 10/10/18

math in Taunton, MA

Dear Ryan, my son is struggling in 8th grade honors math. He is new to Taunton High School and adjusting, but seems to be missing some basic fundamentals.

Sent by Krista on 10/10/18

dyslexia in Bloomington, IL

My son Brian is having trouble with Acct 131 at Il State. He neE.s help. He has a bit of dyslexia and we really neE. him to get over the finish line to graduate.

Sent by Ed on 10/10/18

Math in Chantilly, VA

Hi Tiffany, I'm looking for help for my 10th grader in Math and Chemistry. Please can you let me know your availability ?

Sent by Jaspreet on 10/10/18

English Language Arts in San Jose, CA

Hi Jade, I am looking for a tutor to tutor my daughter. Please let me know if you are available. Thank you V.

Sent by Viet on 10/10/18

ASTB in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Good Afternoon Ma'am, I was wondering if you could help me get ready for my ASTB. I have it Oct. 26th and have beens studying for a while now.

Sent by Michaella on 10/10/18

dreamweaver in Bridgewater, NJ

i am very familiar with dreamweaver mx. But having trouble adjusting to dreamweaver cc. Need a basic course to learn commands in cc that were the same in mx.

Sent by Bill on 10/9/18

stata in Raleigh, NC

Do you have experience with Stata? Setting up t test and regressions?

Sent by Mike on 10/9/18

English writing in Erie, PA

Looking for a tutor for my son, a freshman dance major at Mercyhurst, who is having trouble navigating Blackboard and email to find his writing assignments (mostly...

Sent by Eileen on 10/9/18

ruby on rails in Mount Vernon, WA

Hi There - I am a developer that is currently learning ruby on the job. I would love to be able to work and ask questions along the way if possible.

Sent by Jeffrey on 10/9/18

electrical circuits in Brighton, MI

I'm trying to build a scoreboard using 7 segment LED displays that counts up/down from 0-21. Although I'm mechanically inclined I'm not familiar/comfortable trying...

Sent by Harry on 10/9/18

PRAXIS math in Williamsburg, VA

Hello Rachel! I am curious about your experience in tutoring for the math praxis exam. Thank you, E.

Sent by Elizabeth on 10/9/18

USMLE step 2 CK in Staten Island, NY

Need help in person for step 2 CK. Living at Staten Island, Can commute to Manhattan.

Sent by Kuldeep on 10/9/18

ESL in Wanaque, NJ

Hello, I work for Global LT, whose mission is to provide expatriates and their families with language and cultural training worldwide.

Sent by Mary on 10/9/18

reading in Madisonville, LA

I am searching for a tutor to help with 6th grade reading, writing and comprehension.

Sent by Darrin on 10/9/18

Chemistry in North Brunswick, NJ

My daughter Falyn is currently attending Rutgers New Brunswick. She is struggling with Chemistry and Biology. She needs help but wants to learn in person.

Sent by Hector on 10/9/18

biophysics and bioengineering in Columbia, MD

I need tutoring in Bioengineering. -D.

Sent by Dora on 10/8/18

reading- math in Clarksdale, MS

Hello Emily! I'm from friars point ms and was looking for someone to tutor my child on Tuesday and Wednesdays. Do you tutor 6th graders? And where do you tutor at?

Sent by Daphne on 10/8/18

cybersecurity in Falling Waters, WV

Hello , I need some help with my cybersecurity research paper. It requires understanding the information structure and mission critical I.T. systems. Can you help?

Sent by Gary on 10/8/18

Various (math, English in New Bern, NC

Hello, My ex wife and I are looking for a tutor for my 10 years old daughter. Various subjects.

Sent by Addam on 10/8/18

French in Hilton Head Island, SC

Hello Benedicte. I would love to talk to you about your tutoring. I am a canadian who should speak better French ( we are a bilingual country after all!

Sent by Sarah on 10/8/18

USMLE step in Cleveland, OH

Hello Are you free sometime this week to discuss?

Sent by Samir on 10/8/18

math in Frisco, TX

Hello Sai, I am looking for a Tutor for my son who is in 11th grade. Would you be willing to come for an hour and see if you are able to help him.

Sent by Manoj on 10/8/18

Algebra in Fort Leonard Wood, MO

I am looking for a tutor for my Grandson who transferred from Dixon (yeck) School district to Waynesville. He is having serious problems with Algebra.

Sent by Kari on 10/8/18

writing in Madisonville, LA

Hello Megan, I am searching for a tutor for my 12 yr old son. He is currently in the 6th grade and needs help with writing skills. We are located in Madisonville.

Sent by Darrin on 10/8/18

FTCE in Tallahassee, FL

I'm looking for a tutor for my daughter who is a student at FSU, she needs to start preparing for the FTCE..

Sent by Craig on 10/8/18

Korean in Los Angeles, CA

Hi Angela, I would be interested in improving my basic Korean language skills. I have taken a few classes, but my skills are still quite basic.

Sent by JP on 10/8/18

USMLE in Beverly Hills, CA

Hi Doctor, I’m C.. I plan to take the exam on 27th November. Now, I am trying to finish FA first round by the end of this month and doing Uworld at least 40...

Sent by Chin on 10/7/18

English in Hollister, CA

Hi Janice, My son Jayden goes to school at Calvary and is having a hard time in Heritage and English. I was wondering if you had time two days a week to tutor him.

Sent by Sheri on 10/7/18

business law in Bloomington, IL

My daughter is a student at Illinois Wesleyan University and needs some guidance(tutor assistance) in her business law class. Would like to meet in library @ IWU -...

Sent by Jacqueline on 10/7/18

calculus in Clovis, CA

Hi, I am looking for a calculus tutor are you available?

Sent by Vijay on 10/7/18

Math in Dallas, TX

Word problems in Math Reading comprehension

Sent by Shamoya on 10/7/18

geometry in Lake Hopatcong, NJ

I would like to tutor my son in geometry (phone number available after purchase) please contact or text me thanks

Sent by Salomon on 10/7/18

ASVAB in Pensacola, FL

Hi mrs kiarra I’m writing you because I’m 24 years old and I wanna join the military but I graduated high school and have had a baby and forgot everything...

Sent by Jabrianna on 10/7/18

Reading in Wylie, TX

We are looking for someone to work with our son. Reading comprehension and Math word problems.

Sent by Shamoya on 10/6/18

Calculus in Bozeman, MT

My son Avery. Senior in high school. Needing help to pass Calculus through online Penn Foster

Sent by Angie on 10/6/18

Math in Capitola, CA

I am looking for a Math tutor for my daughter. She is going to take the California Proficiency on Oct 20th and needs some help to pass the math portion.

Sent by Lauren on 10/6/18

nursing in San Diego, CA

Hello, I am currently a Nursing student at Cal State San Marcos in their Accelerated BSN program. This is my third semester and I'm taking Med-Surg I...

Sent by Soo-Ji on 10/6/18

French in Bluffton, SC

Bonjour Benedicte, I found your name online. I am retired male living in HHI/Windmill Harbour with my wife. I speak French (intermediate level I think) but wish...

Sent by Inge on 10/6/18

Chemistry in Sayre, PA

Good morning Leita, My name is J. and I'm in search of a Chemistry tutor. Specifically, the course I'm enrolled in now is Intro. to Organic & Biochemistry.

Sent by Jon on 10/6/18

computer science in Manhattan, IL

Hi Andres, I am looking for a tutor for my high school child, Marc, and am particularly interested in someone who has taken AP courses and the AP exams as Marc...

Sent by Karina on 10/5/18

USMLE Step 2 ck in Houston, TX

Hi Dinesh,I am in urgent need for a tutor. I hope you can help me

Sent by Juhi on 10/5/18

nursing in Brooklyn, NY

Hello, Im having hard time with nursing fundamental. I wasnt sucessful on my first exam . I was hoping maybe you can help me improve my grade for the next exam.

Sent by Sarah on 10/4/18

nursing in Philadelphia, PA

Hello Manjola, My name is T. K. and I am a Nursing student. I am reaching out to seek help with my Medical Surgical 1 course. Please, I really need help as soon as...

Sent by Tiguiran on 10/4/18

table tennis in Chicago, IL

Hi Lukasz, I am play table tennis recreationally and really want to improve my game. Are you still offering lessons? Thanks!

Sent by David on 10/4/18

algebra in Spartanburg, SC

Need help in the next month with algebra

Sent by Tameka on 10/4/18

History in Rome, GA

I have a high school foreign exchange student from Japan that attends Coosa HS. She is failing US History as well as other classes. Looking for an in-home tutor for her.

Sent by Roxanne on 10/4/18

buissnes statistics in Birmingham, AL

Hello I was wondering if you could help me take my Business Statistics class. Thank you for your time -E.

Sent by Enrique on 10/4/18

USMLE Step 1 in Houston, TX

Hi Dr.Divesh. I am a hard working student who has had trouble getting over the 200-210 plateau. I'd like to do a session with you to get an idea of your tutoring style.

Sent by Gabriela on 10/4/18

dirk in Port Hueneme, CA

Looking for a PHP tutor this weekend to help me understand building a website.

Sent by Dirk on 10/4/18

geometry in Atlantic City, NJ

i have a high school student that needs help in geometry. I currently reside in florida but my son is in Atlantic City. Do you accept paypal or have cashapp

Sent by Belinda on 10/4/18

electrical circuits in Houston, TX

Hello sir, I'm looking for a tutor for my online class, my number is (phone number available after purchase), i'm based in houston and i go to University of houston

Sent by Sai on 10/3/18

Math in Hopewell Junction, NY

How familiar and comfortable are you with the NY Math standards for 6th graders?

Sent by Roxanne on 10/3/18

reading in Auburn, CA

Hello Linda - I have a 5 year old and I am looking for someone who can help her with reading and maths. She is very bright so looking for someone who can make...

Sent by Simi on 10/3/18

English in Portland, TX

Hello miss Thurma I’m really looking for English tutor for my son he’s in 9th grade Pre AP class he’s going to school incarnate Word academy plz can...

Sent by Darshna on 10/3/18

Common core in Latham, NY

I need a tutor that meets with my son once or twice a week to practice Common core Algebra 2 (10th Grade) Thanks, S.

Sent by Srinivas on 10/3/18

nursing in Raleigh, NC

Need help with Med calcuation

Sent by Chalise on 10/3/18

USMLE step 1 in Tucson, AZ

Dr. Abdul, I need help because I am studying for step 1. Thank you, E. M. [E. is physically located in Kissimmee, FL but he is looking for an afforable...

Sent by Esnel on 10/3/18

math in Suffern, NY

Sent by Patrick on 10/3/18

Algebra in Sun Prairie, WI

Hi, I am needing an Algebra 1 tutor for my son who is a sophomore in high school. He is language delayed and has a short term memory problem.

Sent by Michele on 10/2/18

German in New Milford, CT

Hi Kathleen, Am looking for a German language tutor for my son. He is currently a senior in high school at South Kent School and is interested in going...

Sent by Victor on 10/2/18

Spanish in Newark, DE

Good Evening. We have a male 10 grader who's taking Spanish for the 1st time and he's struggling. We don't want him fall behind.

Sent by Lester on 10/2/18

dyslexia in Martinsburg, WV

Good Evening, I've read you are certified in teaching children who suffer from dyslexia. My daughter, who is almost 3 has apraxia which is a cognitive speech...

Sent by Kristy on 10/2/18

ASVAB in Schertz, TX

Need practice for the asvab test

Sent by Faylan on 10/2/18

biology in VA

Hello there. Can you work with me and help me prepare for the upcoming SAT Biology E/M Subject Test?

Sent by Matvei on 10/2/18

USMLE Step 1 in New Haven, CT

Hi Dr. Ivana I am interested in online tutoring for Step 1. Would it be possible to have a 15-20 minute conversation to ask a couple of questions.

Sent by Gabriela on 10/2/18

algebra in Oxford, AL

Interested in tutoring for 2 children. One is in algebra 1 and geometry. The other in Mth 112. Some possible ACT tutoring also

Sent by Shavonda on 10/2/18

pharmacology in Chicago, IL

Hi Renee, I am looking for an online tutor in Pharmacology.

Sent by Vanessa on 10/2/18

differential equations in Somerville, MA

I need help with my advanced PDEs course. Would you be able to help?

Sent by Charles on 10/2/18

information technology in Atlanta, GA

Hello there I am looking for a tutor in the field of it

Sent by Paul on 10/2/18

reading dyslexia in Creamery, PA

My daughter has an I.E.P through the school. She is in 3rd grade and is testing at beginning of January first grade level(she also repeated first).

Sent by Dana on 10/2/18

biology in Rocky Hill, CT

Hi I’m looking for an in home Biology tutor for my son, Colin. We are looking weekly, hopefully Mondays around 5pm accept next week with the holiday...

Sent by Lynn on 10/1/18

English in Beaumont, CA

Our high school student needs help with English.

Sent by Monique on 10/1/18

economics in Atlanta, GA

I need your help I’m struggling in economics, I attend Gsu and I’m a grad student

Sent by Mary on 10/1/18

pre-algebra in Toms River, NJ

Hi Noreen... I live in Howell and need help with my 8th grade daughter for pre-algebra and Language Arts. Can I speak with you to see if we will be a good match?

Sent by Mindee on 10/1/18

geometry in Diamond Bar, CA

Looking for a regular tutor to help my tenth grader with geometry

Sent by Penny on 10/1/18

pre calcus in Chesapeake, VA

Good morning Talisa, my daughter attends TCC and is taking Pre-Calculus and Trig. Her test score on the 1st test was 51. She needs help and she needs it early.

Sent by Angela on 10/1/18

USMLE in Chicago, IL

Hi, I'm J.. I plan to take the exam on 27th November. I struggle with reading First Aid and study for USMLE step 1 by myself because : 1.

Sent by Jay on 10/1/18

Calculus in Bluffton, SC

My son is 16, taking Calculus, Can Y. help him? Please let me know. Thank Y.

Sent by Na on 10/1/18

nursing in Cortlandt Manor, NY

Hi, I'd love to help. Do you know when we can begin? > Hi! My name is L. . I planning to go back to college , I was accepted in Mercy college , I want to go...

Sent by Lilia on 10/1/18