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USMLE step in New York, NY

I wanted take class for step 3. But is it possible that i take some trial classes?? And do you teach in group or one in one. Waiting for your reply in my mail.

Sent by Shatakshi on 8/31/19

ADHD in Marshfield, MA

Hi, I got your name from tutorz. We are in urgent need of a General Tutor for my son, 10th grade. He is disorganized, has some adhd symptoms..

Sent by Heather on 8/31/19

reading in Grants Pass, OR

hello, my name is M.. I have a first grader who is struggling with reading. please let me know if that is something you could do.

Sent by Mackenzie on 8/30/19

microsoft excel in Charlotte, NC

Hi my name is Ben T.. I am taking a class that involves Excel and Spreadsheets. I am disabled and have learning disabilities. I need help with Spreadsheet projects...

Sent by Benjamin on 8/30/19

Elementary in Lakewood, OH

Hello Donna. We are interested in tutoring for our 8-years old daughter who is in 3rd grade at Emerson Elementary in Lakewood. We would like to talk with...

Sent by Janis on 8/30/19

Biology in Flagstaff, AZ

Hi Megan, We have a son, "Chase" who just started at NAU and needs some tutoring with Biology and Math. Probably 3-4 hours a week.

Sent by Keith on 8/30/19

calculus in Spring, TX

I am need of a pre cal and Algebra 2 tutor for my high school daughters. Grade 10 and 12. Can I get more information about your tutoring. Such as location and fees?

Sent by Brandy on 8/30/19

cosmetology in San Mateo, CA

hi not sure but do you teach cosmetology for state board requirements

Sent by Nazbeen on 8/30/19

statistics in Queens Village, NY

Hello, I am taking a doctoral level statistics course and need help with passing. Please let me know if you are skilled in this level of statistics and can help.

Sent by Latoya on 8/29/19

algebra in Saint Augustine, FL

Hi, Looking for an Algebra tutor for my 15 year old son. 1 to 2 hours per week. We live in Butler Beach. J.

Sent by Jake on 8/29/19

NBME USMLE Step 1 in New York, NY

Hi, I'd like 1:1 tutoring for Step 1 but am open to attending classes since it seems like you offer classes as well. I live in Manhattan but it says that you live...

Sent by Sion on 8/29/19

special education in Tehachapi, CA

Hello I am interested in getting my 10 year old son tutoring. He is in 6th grade and is in special education classes. He has trouble in school as was hoping...

Sent by Tiffany on 8/29/19

computer online

My son has take AP computer science principle class , junior year in high school rite now. The subject is mostly Java related . please let me know ur availability...

Sent by Vinush on 8/29/19

grade 1 English, math, speech in Hopewell Junction, NY

hi am looking for tutor to teach my son (in home).

Sent by Ebenezer on 8/29/19

algebra online

Hello, My name is T. and I am currently attending college online. I am taking an algebra class and would love some help getting refamiliarized.

Sent by Tyler on 8/29/19

computer science online

My son has AP computer science class at school . he likes to have classes based on his school curriculum. Thanks.

Sent by Vinush on 8/29/19

reading in Dublin, GA

Sent by Ari on 8/28/19

ruby on rails online

Nikhil, I need assistance with Ruby on Rails! Can you help? Thank you D. S. [this would be an online tutoring job]

Sent by Deirdre on 8/28/19

Pre-Calculus in Algonquin, IL

Hello Shefali, My daughter is looking for a tutor for Pre-Calculus. She is currently a senior at Jacobs High School. Please let me know if you would be...

Sent by Annette on 8/28/19

math in Idyllwild, CA

Hi, I’m interested in hiring a math tutor for my son. He is in eighth grade and is in the regular math and we would like him to be able to bump up to the advancement.

Sent by Damon on 8/28/19

USMLE online

Hello, I am interested in your USMLE step 1 tutoring. Thank you.

Sent by Manisha on 8/28/19

pharmacology in Staten Island, NY

Hi Emily: Do you tutor in pharmacology?

Sent by Kimberly on 8/28/19

USMLE step 2 online

Hello, I am a foreign medical grad but was born in Georgia. I already passed Step 1 and have been studying for Step 2 for a couple of years now but have not been...

Sent by Oscar on 8/28/19

Spanish in Hollister, CA

Hello, Eduardo. I'm glad that you live in Hollister and are able to tutor in Spanish. I am minister and president of the Christian Biblical Church of God...

Sent by Fred on 8/28/19

math and reading in Salisbury, MA

My son tony is a fourth grader and is struggling with math and reading. Lives in Salisbury.

Sent by Tom on 8/28/19

Algebra in Springboro, OH

Amy, My son is struggling in Algebra 2. He needs a couple of sessions per week after school. Would this be possible for you? Please let me know what works for you.

Sent by Tish on 8/28/19

robotics in Fayetteville, AR

Sent by Richard on 8/28/19

USMLE step 2 cs online

Hi Femi, How are you? My wife is looking for USMLE step 2 CS online training. Are you going to teach or any availablity?

Sent by Praveen on 8/28/19

finance in Floral Park, NY

Hello I AM working torwards my MBA and need some help with finance and accounting.

Sent by Deaudra on 8/28/19

information systems online

Hey! Are you able to help me tomorrow at 2.30 with 10 questions for a business information system from online for $50?

Sent by Erseka on 8/28/19

Elementary in Placerville, CA

I have two grandsons, one in kindergarten and one in first grade. My daughter is a single parent. Getting the first grader to do homework is a battle.

Sent by Jana on 8/27/19

math in Beaumont, CA

My son needs help with 11 grade math

Sent by Allen on 8/27/19

math in Owensboro, KY

Looking for a tutor for my 11 yr old. He is in 5th grade and is having tons of trouble. He is behind and unfortunately I don't know anything about the newer math...

Sent by Venice on 8/27/19

USMLE STEP 1 online or in-person

Hey! My name is D. R., 3rd year Medical student here in Jackson and recently found out I didn't pass Step 1 on my first attempt. I need some help and direction...

Sent by Damien on 8/27/19

ESL in Cedar Falls, IA

Hi Daryl, I hope you are well. I am writing because we have some students in Cedar falls who need private ESL lessons and I was wondering if you are available...

Sent by Gimena on 8/27/19

ESL in Canonsburg, PA

Hi my name is R. and I would like to know if you can give ESL class for me. My goal is to work hard on my gramma skills and my pronunciation

Sent by Rossana on 8/27/19

USMLE online or in-person

i have exam in two months

Sent by Naveen on 8/27/19

reading in Duncan, SC

Hi Joanna, I have a 10yr old 4th grader that is have issues W.ith reading. Im looking for help at least a W.eek at the duncan library.

Sent by Angela on 8/27/19

autodesk revit online

Hello I need a help in revit file

Sent by Jassim on 8/26/19

Math in Normal, IL

Hi - I am looking for Math tutoring for my 7th grade son. If you are available please reply back at (email available after purchase)

Sent by Hemu on 8/26/19

USMLE in Schaumburg, IL

I need your help in step 1

Sent by Vivek on 8/26/19

Physiology, Pathology in Schaumburg, IL

Hello Vivek, What days are you available to tutor Step 1?

Sent by Ayesha on 8/26/19

Latin in Scottsdale, AZ

Sent by Kalyani on 8/26/19

TEAS in Irving, TX

hello Mr. William, came across your profile I need help in passing my teas for entrance in to nursing school. I see that you do in- person. what are your schedules like?

Sent by Sando on 8/26/19

Algebra in Haslet, TX

HI Melanie, My daughter is 15 and currently enrolled in online HS Algebra 1. She needs a tutor to help finish her freshman year.

Sent by Staci on 8/26/19

Ukrainian in Marietta, GA

good Morning my name is G. am looking to learn Ukraine for work and trip my number is (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Graham on 8/26/19

ASVAB in Columbia, MO

Chritiana, I need help studying for the ASVAB, especially Math and Arthimetric Reasoning. Thank you C. O.

Sent by Christian on 8/26/19

USMLE online

I am looking for a USMLE step 3 tutor who is available to tutor remotely and to start as soon as possible. Are you available? Thanks!

Sent by Christopher on 8/26/19

Albanian in New York, NY

Hello! We live in NYC and interested in Albanian tutors for 3 of our kids- are you available for that?

Sent by Sania on 8/25/19

Algebra in Greensboro, GA

Jan- Do you tutor Alegbra one and two? We are desperate for a tutor this week mon- wednat night after 6:00

Sent by Christina on 8/25/19

English in Kingston, NY

Hello I am doing this for one of my workers. What is your availability? And where do you meet? Thank you

Sent by Jessica on 8/25/19

Elementary in Broken Arrow, OK

Need a tutor for Elementary Reading at 2nd to 3rd grade level for a learning disabled 9 year old boy. He is ADHD Mondays and Tuesdays at 5

Sent by Connie on 8/25/19

USMLE step 1 around in Elizabeth, NJ

I need to be prepared for USMLE step one. My test is supposed to be in December

Sent by Mirleivis on 8/24/19

reading in Oak Park, CA

Hi Caillie, I'm looking for a tutor for my kids:4th and 5th grade. I'd like to have the tutor help them school reading, writing and homework.

Sent by Daesub on 8/24/19

Math and English in Westhampton Beach, NY

Hi, I’m looking for someone to help my wife and I homeschool our two sons. If you’re interested please call me @ (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Kevin on 8/24/19

reading in Gorham, ME

Hello Sarah, Are you currently available as a reading tutor?

Sent by Alysan on 8/24/19

English in Chicago, IL

Can you reduce your fee

Sent by Hariprasad on 8/24/19

debate in Los Angeles, CA

Hi John! I need a debate coach for my son. Let me know if you’re available. Thanks!

Sent by Jennie on 8/23/19

accounting in Raleigh, NC

Hey Mark: writing on behalf of Alex. Could you call me please? Thanks (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Karen on 8/23/19

English/ math in Bridgehampton, NY

Hi, I’m looking for s tutor for my two sons. We’re in Bridgehampton. If you’re available please call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Janet on 8/23/19

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

electrical engineering in Woodhaven, NY

My son will return to Cooper after a year of leave. He will need help.

Sent by Sally on 8/23/19

calculus in Fort Smith, AR

I was inquiring about possibly having a tutor for calculus II, specifically integration especially definite integrals. If you are not available then please point me...

Sent by John on 8/23/19

Writing/math in Stony Brook, NY

Hi, I’m looking for a tutor for my 11 & 13 year old sons. We’re in Bridgehampton, if you’re looking for new students please email or call me @ (phone number...

Sent by Kevin on 8/23/19

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

ASVAB in Fort Leonard Wood, MO

Im studying for the asvab. It consists of basic algebra, geometry, word problems and conversions. I'm horrible at math. Please let me know if you're still...

Sent by Jennifer on 8/23/19

speech therapy in Medford, NJ

Hello Lori. I am currently reading a story called Saturday at The Carnival. It tells a story of James and his sister Anna going to a carnival on Saturday.

Sent by Miriam on 8/23/19

organic chemistry in Bakersfield, CA

I need help in organic chemistry seeing if that something you are well versed in?

Sent by Daniel on 8/22/19

knitting crochet in Warren, OH

Hello, i am looking for tutor who can give crochet lesson to my boss daughter in her house. Are you available?

Sent by Sarah on 8/22/19

English and reading in Southampton, NY

Hi, I’m looking for a tutor for my son. We live in Bridgehampton, if you are interested in talking about tutoring please email me. Thanks

Sent by Kevin on 8/22/19

tutoring job sent to tutor BAM

CPA in Tulsa, OK

Hello John! It says here that you tutor for the CPA exam - do you tutor specifically for REG?

Sent by Arielle on 8/22/19

reading in Faribault, MN

Hello Tess, I was wondering if you would have time this next week (August 26 and/or August 27) to refesh reading or any subject with my grandson Maverick.

Sent by Laurie on 8/22/19

11th grade geometry online

We are seeking a math tutor for our son in 11th grade geometry at Alhambra High. He missed a lot of instruction last year due to a chronic illness so there are gaps...

Sent by Sara on 8/22/19

ASVAB in Lansing, MI

Hi Eric, I’m looking for a tutor for my son, he needs help studying for the ASVAB. He’s taken it once but wants to retake it to get a better score.

Sent by Kay on 8/21/19

physics in New Hyde Park, NY

Hello, I want a tutor for physics

Sent by Peter on 8/21/19

Creole in West Palm Beach, FL

I would love to learn creole, I am a Latino male 39 years old, and have wanted to learn to speak it. I live in Wpb FL.

Sent by Wil on 8/21/19

thermodynamics in Houston, TX

Hello Shoshauna, I am taking thermodynamics this semester at UH and I want to do well in the course. I was very happy seeing a woman tutoring an engineering class...

Sent by Ann on 8/21/19

Spanish in Dallas, TX

Hello! I would like to learn more about your services/prices etc. Thank you!!

Sent by Christena on 8/21/19

ESL in Simi Valley, CA

Hi Mr.Will, My name is R.. I live in Simi Valley. I am looking for an English tutor for my 8th grader son. Will you be interested?

Sent by Radhika on 8/21/19

English in Trumbull, CT

Hi Kristen, I am a Trumbull resident and looking for English tutor for my son who is entering 8 grade.

Sent by Shilpi on 8/21/19

ESL in Broomfield, CO

Dear Jennifer, I am a religious sister living in Broomfield, and I am writing on behalf of three other sisters that I live with, who are not native English speakers...

Sent by Chiara on 8/21/19

adobe indesign in Springfield, MO

I need to know Indesign for redesigning our tool catalog at work. Is this something where I would meet with you and we use our laptops, or how would this work?

Sent by Travis on 8/21/19

education in Hanover, PA

Hello, I am in need of a tutor for 5 to 10 hours per week in Hanover, PA, who was unsuccessful in cyber education but is expelled until near the end of...

Sent by Cynthia on 8/21/19

ACT in Hattiesburg, MS

Hi Doug. My name is C. P. and I am needing assistance in mastering the ACT to get into a nursing program here in Hattiesburg MS. Everything has to be turned...

Sent by Charla on 8/21/19

middle school in Lebanon, NH

Looking for ed specialist for ADHD middle school student support in math, writing, completing work, and learning how to study (very hard to maintain concepts for...

Sent by Michelle on 8/21/19

writing in Oak Park, CA

Hi Mehrnaz, I'm looking for a tutor for my 2 kids:5th and 4th grade. The purpose of tutoring is writing. I look forward to hearing you soon. Thank you. D. P.

Sent by Daesub on 8/21/19

USMLE step 2 ck in New York, NY

Hi Yuri, I'm interested in step 2ck tutoring. Please let me know when you're aV.ailable. Thank you

Sent by V on 8/21/19

math online

I need help with Math portion of the CSET test.

Sent by Ayde on 8/20/19

math in Salisbury, NC

Hello, I am searching for a math instructor for my middle school aged daughter. We previously attended a Christian Co-Op and, even though math has always been...

Sent by Anna on 8/20/19

ASVAB online

Hi I really need a tutor for the asvab

Sent by Talia on 8/20/19

English in Mount Juliet, TN

My son is a Senior and needs immediate help in English and Reading on the ACT. Can you please contact me to discuss? Thank you, D.

Sent by Darrell on 8/20/19

math in Elk Grove, CA

For 11 years student struggling in math and english.

Sent by Shanel on 8/20/19

English online or in-person

Hi I’m looking for a patient tutor to help my 4th grader with English and math. She started school early and fall a little behind in class

Sent by Kayla on 8/20/19

USMLE step 1 online

Hi, im looking for a tutor that will help me study for the USMLE step 1 using the up to date boards and beyond, FA and UW. How is your approach to teaching ?

Sent by Cynthia on 8/20/19

computer in Morristown, TN

I am 73 years old. Just bought a new computer and MUST change from Windows 7 to 10. I just want to learn basics and how to move about in the new format.

Sent by Gary on 8/20/19

English in Chambersburg, PA

I have a 18 year old at Scotland School - dual enrolled at Wilson - looking for an english teacher to help him- he has autism - high functioning but needs 1-1...

Sent by Laurie on 8/20/19

dyslexia online

seeking help for a 10 year old home schooled child with suspected dyslexia.

Sent by Alisa on 8/20/19

All 4 major subjects (Math in Palm Coast, FL

Hi my name is Jody my daughter is doing Connections Academy this year and I am having a problem with I guess the system I really don't know how to work...

Sent by Jodi on 8/20/19

ASVAB in Albany, GA

I need tutoring for the asvab

Sent by Brinston on 8/20/19

Math in Westminster, MA

14 year old student entertaining 6th grade with dyscalculia and specific learning disability with written expression

Sent by Danielle on 8/20/19

Spanish in Elizabeth City, NC

Good morning, i am interested in learning Spanish.

Sent by Kenneth on 8/20/19

reading in Glenwood, NJ

Hi Noreen, My daughter is entering 7th grade this year and is lacking confidence in her reading and comprehension abilities. We are looking for someone...

Sent by Katrina on 8/19/19

writing in Beaumont, TX

I have a son in the 9th grade that needs help with language arts and ex specially in writing stories. He is in the 504 in school and he has dyslexia.

Sent by Glenn on 8/19/19

dyscalculia in Newberg, OR

Good morning! My daughter Elise (goes by Lisi) is eleven, just going into sixth grade. We are looking for a tutor to help with her dyscalculia, diagnosed a year ago...

Sent by Jared on 8/19/19

Greek in Pisgah Forest, NC

Please contact me regarding beginning Greek lessons

Sent by Regina on 8/19/19

financial markets online or in-person

Hello Sir , need your assistance for Finance course Pls

Sent by Hicham on 8/19/19

math in Arlington, TX

Interested in tutoring math for my 3rd grader

Sent by Shaunte on 8/18/19

English in Hamburg, NY

I need help with the apa format and editing on a research paper. I am available anytime after 5pm during the week and weekends Thanks

Sent by Andrew on 8/18/19

asd autism in Tulsa, OK

Hi, I'm helping someone to locate a tutor to help a 5 yr old boy who is on the ASD scale - just a little bit. This would be twice a week & ongoing.

Sent by Aaron on 8/18/19

special education in Amsterdam, NY

I have a 7yr old boy his name is Devan that's having problems in school I would like a tutor for him.His going in to 2nd grade at Berkeley this year and...

Sent by Sabrina on 8/18/19

Writing in Owings Mills, MD

Hello. I am interested in someone tutoring my daughter who is a sophomore in High School for Writing and World History. Thanks

Sent by Tamika on 8/18/19

dyslexia in Fernandina Beach, FL

Hi Diane, Im a masters student from the University of Minnesota. Currently im working on my capstone but i have dyslexia and its quite difficult for me...

Sent by Marco on 8/18/19

ESL in Auburn, AL

I am 43 years old Korean living in Auburn. I want to learn English for my work. My English is poor. I want to learn once or twice a week I work at a company...

Sent by Mason on 8/18/19

Armenian in Glendale, CA

Barev, I am wanting to learn Eastern Armenian. Can you help?

Sent by Arthur on 8/18/19

revit online or in-person

I KNOW autocad 2020 pretty good need to learn REVIT. I NEED someone to efficiently get me started to be able to navigate

Sent by Barry on 8/17/19

USMLE in Houston, TX

Hi Azad, I would like to discuss regarding USMLE coaching

Sent by Bhaskar on 8/17/19

USMLE step 1 online or in-person

interested in usmle step 1 tutoring

Sent by Radhika on 8/17/19

English in Phoenix, AZ

Hello Ms.Sara, We are looking for tutor for English/writing for our daughter who is in 7th grade. We live in desert ridge and are looking for in home tutoring...

Sent by Kalyani on 8/16/19

Elementary in Gallup, NM

Good afternoon Wesley, my name is A. Huber. I am reaching out for after school tutoring for my son Kee Huber who is currently enrolled at Lincoln Elementary in...

Sent by Aric on 8/16/19

Spanish 1 in Saint Cloud, FL

Need help for my 8 th grade daughter to read and write Spanish

Sent by Jean on 8/16/19

English in Yorktown Heights, NY

HI Michelle, i have two boys that are in need of tutoring in mainly reading/English. one is going into 4th grade and the other in 7th.

Sent by Merima on 8/16/19

NBME CBSE online or in-person

Hi Dr. Singh, I have reached a plateau and can’t seem to pass my nbme cbse for my school. I would love it if you could help me.

Sent by Akshay on 8/16/19

ACT in Stow, OH

Hi Amy: I am looking for an ACT prep tutor for my daughter who is a Junior in high school. She struggles a bit academically and has trouble keeping focus during...

Sent by Kelly on 8/16/19

USMLE step 2 ck in Houston, TX

hi, i've recently graduated from medical school in india and i am taking my STEP 1 in december. I am planning to take my step 2 cs in march 2020 in houston.

Sent by Shruti on 8/16/19

USMLE online

Hi I was interested in tutoring for Biostats and Cardiology. Im in EST.

Sent by Shae on 8/15/19

ACT in Ponte Vedra, FL

Hi Ms Cohen My name is J. F. and I am a senior at Ponte Vedra High School. I am interested in having you tutor me for the SAT and ACT tests.

Sent by Jamie on 8/15/19

reading in Warwick, NY

Hi Deborah, My daughter, Alexia, is entering 7th grade this upcoming September and she seems to lack confidence in her reading, comprehension, and math abilities.

Sent by Katrina on 8/15/19

USMLE step 1 in Philadelphia, PA

hi I wanted to know if you're exclusively online or you tutor in person as well, your details say one thing and your bio says another.

Sent by Hajrah on 8/15/19

Math online or in-person

this is a captcha test test test

Sent by Todd on 8/15/19

adobe animate in Benton Harbor, MI

I have met with a few tutors who said they knew flash and didn't. Hopefully you can help me become less confused. I am from South bend IN but I am in the area...

Sent by Renee on 8/15/19

USMLE in Cleveland, OH

Hi Anjum, I need help with metabolism portion of biochemistry. Let me know if it's possible for you

Sent by Fatima on 8/14/19

dyscalculia in Birmingham, AL

Hi Katie! My daughter, Ella, has struggled with handwriting, spelling and math. Reading has started to improve but no longer at grade level.

Sent by Jamie on 8/14/19

Visual Basic in Saint Charles, MO

Hi Nathan, My name is J. and I live in St. Peters. I am an older student of Visual Basic. Net. I use to do some programming in Cobal back in the day but quit...

Sent by Jim on 8/14/19

Algebra in Carmel, NY

Hi Mahendra: I'm 31, located in Carmel, NY, and need some serious help with Algebra. I'm currently going to WCC and want to retake my placement exam so that...

Sent by Sylvia on 8/14/19

organic chemistry in Fresno, CA

Hi, I was wondering if you could tutor me for organic chemistry? do you also do biochemistry?

Sent by Chioma on 8/14/19

English in Gramercy, LA

Hi Daisy I’m looking for a tutor who can help in all subjects, ie. English, math, science etc. we have a 13 years old son who unfortunately has been left behind...

Sent by Devenia on 8/13/19

Python online

Hello, My son is teaching himself Python because his upcoming college class in the Fall is going to use this language. I realize you don't have Python listed...

Sent by Pat on 8/13/19

md biology online

I'm a hobby biologist. I'm looking to understand a few research papers and mechanisms in biology. I'm looking for somebody who will go through a research...

Sent by Archit on 8/13/19

home schooling in Ocean View, DE

My granddaughter Jordan needs help finishing up a home schooling course in math, geometry. She only has until 8/18.

Sent by Jack on 8/13/19

SAT Math online

Looking for an SAT Math tutor for my daughter. Online. My phone number is (phone number available after purchase). Best, M. T.

Sent by Maggie on 8/13/19

adobe illustrator in Bainbridge Island, WA

Hi, I need to learn the basics of Illustrator. I have been using Photoshop to previously create designs, but I need a raster-based program for adding text.

Sent by Sue on 8/13/19

real estate in Oceanside, CA

Looking for a real estate tutor. Looking to take my exam. Can u help or guide me to somebody that can assist? Thanks T.

Sent by Tamika on 8/13/19

Math in Coppell, TX

My daughter is at New Tech HS in 10th grade. I am looking for a general tutor for her for all subjects except Math (we have a math tutor) to help her organize...

Sent by Jan on 8/13/19

reading in Cedar Park, TX

Looking for reading and writing tutor for 4th grade. Call me at (phone number available after purchase) to discuss. Thanks A.

Sent by Allen on 8/13/19

dyscalculia in Frisco, TX

Hey Cindy, I have a child I adopted out of foster care that has signs of dyscalculia and dysgraphia. She also has dyslexia, but fortunately we have a tutor...

Sent by Abigail on 8/13/19

algebra in Waukegan, IL

Hey I need help finishing up my online algebra 2 class and I wanted to see if you can tutor me

Sent by Tajuana on 8/12/19

SPSS in Chicago, IL

Hello Megan! I am looking for a tutor to help go over some SPSS data that I have. I would need you to have SPSS on your laptop that you could bring to our session.

Sent by Gina on 8/12/19

high school in Titusville, NJ

Hi, I am looking for a tutor for my son who is entering high school and will need help in school work and staying ahead in Math and Eng

Sent by Hala on 8/12/19

nursing in Chicago, IL

Hello. I was hoping to have a conversation. I am looking for a nursing tutor that help me with my nursing courses. I am currently in nursing school.

Sent by Cherri on 8/12/19

chess online

My two daughters, who are 9 and 7, would to learn chess. They know basics such as how to move, but don't know any tactics or strategies. Thanks.

Sent by Jun on 8/12/19

reading in Utica, NY

Please contact me need help for my daughter

Sent by Merhudina on 8/12/19

reading in Gainesville, FL

I have a 9 year old son who needs help in reading and writing and also understanding school homework. Need help twice a week.

Sent by Palak on 8/11/19

USMLE step 2 ck online

I am interested in step 2ck tutoring

Sent by Vamsi on 8/11/19

elementary in Niceville, FL

Hi. I’m looking for a certified elementary school teacher to tutor my 4th grade son in history and science. We live in Niceville so you might be to far for us...

Sent by Brandy on 8/11/19

math in Belmar, NJ

Hello, Ashley I’m looking for a math tutor for my son Ethan. He is going into 7th grade and has skipped a grade of math and is going into Honors Algebra 1....

Sent by Alexandra on 8/11/19

math in Rossford, OH

I have a freshman son that has GAD and OCD. As a result of his anxiety, we are enrolling in Toledo Christian Homeschool program. I work 3 days a week and we are...

Sent by Pam on 8/11/19

Physics in Great Neck, NY

Hi Dr.Andrew, My son will be a 10th grade student in Jericho High school. He will take AP Physics 1 at 10th grade. I am looking for a tutor for Physics Olympiad...

Sent by Wei on 8/11/19

information systems online

Hi Jim! So I have a 100 point assignment due that involves access and I basically have to get a 100% on it to pass the class and it’s due today at 11:59 pm.

Sent by Justin on 8/11/19

USMLE step 1 in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hello, I am currently studying for USMLE Step 1 and I am currently trying to raise my score. I am looking for new study strategies and ways to better understand...

Sent by Kiera on 8/10/19

nursing in Chicago, IL

Hello I was curious to see if you could help me.

Sent by Cee on 8/9/19

ADHD in Pacific Grove, CA

Hi, I have a 10th grader with ADHD who needs help in writing, english, reading, spelling—you get my drift. Please email me more info regarding pricing and...

Sent by Mary on 8/9/19

Math online

Hi Manny, I contacted you through Thumbtack but my account was immediately deactivated so I thought I'd send a message here. I am taking the SATs at the end of this...

Sent by Vivien on 8/9/19

Korean online or in-person

Hi I’m interested in learn Korean language, I’m wondering how far can you go to do tutor?

Sent by Katherine on 8/9/19

math in Palm Harbor, FL

Hello Jennifer. I am currently a college student at SPC. I have been having trouble with the math portion of the GK and was wondering if you could help me with it?

Sent by Sierra on 8/9/19

conversational Hindi in New York, NY

Hi S. I’m looking for someone to teach conversational Hindi to my daughter, Uma, who is a senior in college. Thank you S.

Sent by Satya on 8/9/19

Algebra in Barre, VT

Hi I would like some tutoring in Algebra 1 please. Call me at+(phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Katherine on 8/9/19

USMLE step 1 online

review material for usmle step 1

Sent by Radhika on 8/9/19

A&P 2 online or in-person

I am currently an A&P 2 student in desperate need of tutoring . I have my midterm on Wednesday but I also would like to cont with tutoring til my final.

Sent by April on 8/9/19

USMLE online

can u arrange demo class for tutoring please? usmle step 1

Sent by Shen on 8/8/19

geometry in Dawsonville, GA

Hi Susan. I’m looking for a geometry tutor for my 15 year old 10th grade daughter Ava. We’re looking for in person tutoring. It can be in home (Cumming) or...

Sent by Marshall on 8/8/19

math in Tracy, CA

Hi Chima, I am in need of tutoring, homework help and test prep in math, specifically algebra. I would like to speak with you more about your availability.

Sent by Danielle on 8/8/19

USMLE in Norwalk, CT

Hi Dr. Ivana, My name is I. and I am IMG from Poland. I am planning to pass my USMLE Step 1 between Jan-March 2020. In few days I am coming to CT, US.

Sent by Izabela on 8/8/19

USMLE step 1 in Norwalk, CT

hello Ivana, i have recently given my USMLE STEP1 and exam and my result is FAIL, could please guide me with what do i do next, thank you.

Sent by Jaya on 8/8/19

reading online

Never enjoyed school and never did enjoy reading or writing. Now, at age 38, I would like to broaden my vocabulary and possibly help correct my bad grammar.

Sent by Erik on 8/8/19

reading in Spring, TX

My daughter needs a reading specialist she is 8 her disability is reading processing and memory I can show you the report.. let me know if this is something...

Sent by Cristina on 8/7/19

math in Stephenville, TX

Hello, I am in Las Vegas but my Niece lives in Stephenville and is in need of some math tutoring. I believe Junior high would be what school she would be in.

Sent by Brian on 8/7/19

Math online

I would like to hire you to tutor my daughter for SAT prep. She is a senior and scheduled to take the test Aug. 24.

Sent by Armella on 8/7/19

USMLE online

Dr. Dinesh, I am looking for some coaching for my daughter on internal medicine shelf exam. Would you be able to offer some help please?

Sent by Ummu on 8/7/19

Creole online

I'm interesteD. in learning fluency in Haitian creole (conversational skills)

Sent by Shanice on 8/6/19

High school Algebra in Murrieta, CA

In need of a tutor for a test

Sent by Ryan on 8/6/19

Spanish in New Orleans, LA

I work for Jefferson Parish schools. We have a large and growing population of Spanish speaking students. I think knowing some Spanish would help with relating...

Sent by Glenn on 8/6/19

ESL in Riverside, CA

Hello I am looking for a tutor to help my mom with her ESL class on Sundays from 8am. If you are available please email me or call/text me back at (phone number...

Sent by Usman on 8/6/19

dyscalculia in Denver, CO

Hello, I am interested in tutoring for my 15 year, sophomore in high school, son. He has never been diagnosed with dyscalculia but he is on the autism spectrum and...

Sent by Felicia on 8/6/19

algebra in Windermere, FL

Looking for an algebra 1 tutor for my 15 year old son. He goes to Windermere High. Please contact S. (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Shannon on 8/6/19

math in Poughquag, NY

Good day! My son Jack needs an initial evaluation and then he needs to be tutored in the basics of math and then in algebra. Your profile stood out because my son...

Sent by Mary on 8/6/19

ADHD in Altoona, PA

I am looking for a tutor 1 day a wk for an hour to help my 9 year old son. He has ADHD and is behind in reading. He will shut down.

Sent by Tina on 8/5/19

Calculus in Mandeville, LA

Hi Rodney, I'm looking for a tutor for my son for Precalculus and Calculus.He is a freshman at University of Maryland which is an online college.

Sent by Anita on 8/5/19


Hello, My sister and I will be taking the step sometime this semester. We wanted to reach oU.t to yoU. to find oU.t more aboU.t the tU.toring, and where we woU.

Sent by Venita on 8/5/19

English in Riverside, CA

Hello I am looking to find a tutor for my mom for her ESL class.She is in Riverside. She is looking for a tutor who can come on Sunday for a few hours...

Sent by Usman on 8/5/19

ASTB in Severna Park, MD

Good Afternoon Joe, I am a Coast Guard ENS that is stationed in Portsmouth,VA. I am looking to apply to flight school this fall.

Sent by Samuel on 8/5/19

USMLE online

Hi Dr. Femi, Are you available for USMLE Step 1 tutoring? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

Sent by Anne on 8/4/19

English in Folsom, CA

Dear Mary, My son will be going to junior year at folsom high next week and he plans to take AP english. we would like some tutoring sessions to get him ready for...

Sent by Nikhil on 8/4/19

reading in Molalla, OR

Need reading tutor for great grandson who is 8.

Sent by Carolyn on 8/4/19

PRAXIS in Trenton, NJ

Montclair State Junior needs help with the math section of the Praxis, other sections already passed. next test scheduled 8-12-19. Do you have any opening?

Sent by Brenna on 8/4/19

English in Houston, TX

Please contact me regarding English writing tutoring. Thank you.

Sent by Dennis on 8/4/19

reading in Gainesville, FL

I have 9 year old son who needs help with reading/math. He is very visual in learning. Please let me know you availability and location. I would like to a meeting.

Sent by Palak on 8/4/19

USMLE in Brooklyn, NY

Tutoring for USMLE step 1

Sent by Ayesha on 8/4/19

USMLE in Forest Park, IL

Hi, do you tutor? Please get back to me. Thanks!

Sent by Moe on 8/4/19

cogat online

found you on another site and looking for some Cogat tutoring assistance. Thanks!

Sent by Kendra on 8/3/19

Math in Exeter, NH

Hi Nikhil- My daughter is preparing for the Math II subject test. She thinks she could use some extra help on it. Feel free to call (phone number available after...

Sent by Kate on 8/3/19

calculus in Gibsonia, PA

I am interested in calculus AB tutoring for my daughter. Let me know if you are available. Thanks!

Sent by Preeti on 8/3/19

USMLE CK online

Need tutoring in ck. Please send me email.

Sent by V on 8/3/19

Gujarati online

Azad - I want to learn to read basic gujarati. I have to translate a 300 word newspaper article into english within 2 hours.

Sent by Zahir on 8/2/19

Reading in Tallahassee, FL

I am looking for a tutor in Reading for my child. Please let me know if you are available. Thanks!

Sent by Deneka on 8/2/19

GRE online

I want help in GRE verbal . I have given GRE and scored 142. Couldn’t understand where I went wrong. So wanted help.

Sent by Akanksha on 8/2/19

math in Sanford, NC

I have a grandson who has been at Huntington Learning Center. I am looking for someone to tutor once school starts because we cannot fit into the schedule at Huntington.

Sent by Kimberly on 8/2/19

USMLE online

Please feel free to call me at (phone number available after purchase). I am looking for 3-4 weeks private tutor to review before taking the USMLE step 1 testThanks.

Sent by Marco on 8/2/19

Homework (all subjects) in Midland, TX

Hi Erica, I am looking for a tutor for both my children. I have a child going into 9th grade and another going into 5th grade. They both need help with homework...

Sent by Yadira on 8/1/19

accounting in Tucson, AZ

Hello I need help passing my managerial accounting class fast. My goal is to complete the course hopefully within 2-3weeks. Please call me D. W. at (phone number...

Sent by Derrick on 8/1/19

USMLE Step 2 CK in Houston, TX

Hello! I am starting my 3rd rotations in two weeks and I’m planning my CK studying right now. I’m interested in your tutor service to study for that!

Sent by Nikita on 8/1/19

dyscalculia in Plano, TX

Starting 4th grade, just diagnosed with math disability. Known ADD, central processing disorder, visual processing disorder.

Sent by Colleen on 8/1/19

calculus in Bartow, FL

Hi Lillian, My son goes to Bartow IB and will start pre calculus soon. We live in Lakeland, FL 33813 (15 min from Bartow High) and would like your help...

Sent by Khin on 8/1/19