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physics in Binghamton, NY

Hi Taylor, my name is M. and I am currently struggling with physics 121 at Binghamton University. I am looking for a tutor who will be able to help me become...

Sent by Matthew on 10/31/19

8th grade math in Miami, FL

I need an algebra tutor to take my son math. Reply if you are interested

Sent by Felix on 10/31/19

ASVAB in Albany, GA

Hi Pamela my name is M. G. my son Onyx G. wants to pursue a career in the military having some trouble passing the asvab can you help my cell (phone number available...

Sent by Michaela on 10/31/19

excel in Miami, FL

I will like some lesson in excel , vlookup SumIf and many more

Sent by Esteban on 10/31/19

high school in Neshkoro, WI

We live in Neshkoro and my daughter is having a hard time with her first year of high school. Just looking into a tutor not sure if we will be going that way yet.

Sent by Love on 10/31/19

c++ in Boulder, CO

Hi Trevor, I have a beginners c++ project due Saturday at 6pm and could really use some help before then, even today if you are free. Let me know if any time works.

Sent by Annikka on 10/31/19

organic chemistry online

Hello Gabriella! I've never used this site, so pardon me for any important steps I miss! I'm currently enrolled in an expedited Organic Chemistry course (211)...

Sent by Lucas on 10/31/19

Geometry in Essex Junction, VT

I am looking for a tutor for Geometry for my daughter who is a freshman at EHS. Thank you

Sent by Joanne on 10/31/19

USMLE step 1 online or in-person

Please Help. Thank you for step 1

Sent by Lorry on 10/30/19

math in Phoenix, AZ

Hello Julie, I have a daughter who is in high school and she struggles with math. I am interested in getting her regular tutoring sessions.

Sent by Nanabah on 10/30/19

USMLE online

Need help in biostatistics for Usmle step 3. I am a second year psychiatry resident

Sent by Haseeba on 10/30/19

algebra in Colonia, NJ

My son is in algebra 2 and has done poorly on the last 2 quizzes. We need someone tonight or tomorrow for a test Friday. Are you available?

Sent by Dana on 10/30/19

information systems online

Hi Subash, My son is studying IS Business at a university and is struggling with IS 201 and IS 135. He has aspergers and is a concrete thinker.

Sent by Kathy on 10/30/19

English in Hammond, LA

I’m trying to find a tutor to help my son pass the Accu placer test English part. He has taken the test two times already. The last score he had was 242 he needs...

Sent by Dwain on 10/30/19

algebra in Medford, NY

I need a help with my assignment, my assignment consists of five questions. I did two and I am struggling with the other questions

Sent by Gon on 10/30/19

math online

Hi Marika, My son is a senior in high school who is in an online precalculus class (he is playing hockey in Boston but is from Wisconsin). He lives in Auburn.

Sent by Dave on 10/29/19

Math in Saint Albans, VT

Looking for a 6th/7th grade Math tutor for my daughter Valencia, who needs extra help with math lessons. Looking to start with twice a week for an hour and see how...

Sent by Amber on 10/29/19

Algebra in Monroe, LA

Hi Paul, I’m looking for tutor for my nephew. He is a 9th grader at Richwood High. He is currently failing his Algebra 1 class.

Sent by Shameika on 10/29/19

DAT in Monroe Township, NJ

Hey Tracy, from the sounds of your bio, it seems as if you're the tutor I am looking for. I took the Dat and did average, but scored horrific on the Quantitative...

Sent by Anthony on 10/29/19

earth science, English in Commack, NY

I have two 9 th graders that between the two need help in all four subjects earth science ELA algebra and global history Can you let me know if your available ...

Sent by Roslyn on 10/29/19

calculus in San Ramon, CA

Hi Shashi, we live in San Ramon, and my daugther needs some help improving her grades in AP calculus AB. I hope you have availability.

Sent by Rafael on 10/29/19

physiology and biostatistics online

Hello I need help with certain topics in physiology and biostatistics for step 1.

Sent by Manisha on 10/29/19

chemistry in Mahopac, NY

My son is an honors chemistry student but has been suspended from school. Are you available to provide supplemental tutoring (we are in Mahopac)

Sent by Marc on 10/29/19

PHP in Port Hueneme, CA

I am in need of Austrian economics.

Sent by Titus on 10/29/19

Geometry in Carmel, NY

Looking for a tutor for my 15 yr old daughter for Geometry, I live in Carmel, NY.

Sent by Catherine on 10/29/19

USMLE step 2 ck online

I want help for step 2 ck

Sent by Mohan on 10/29/19

USMLE step 2 CK in Glendale Heights, IL

I am interested with USMLE STEP 2 CK Tutoring. I can be reached at (phone number available after purchase) from 5pm any day. Thank you. M. Basil.

Sent by Mwemezi on 10/29/19

ACT in Cleveland, OH

good morning. we are looking for an ACT tutor for our daughter.

Sent by Lisa on 10/29/19

electrical circuits online

Need help with circuits lab

Sent by Mohammed on 10/29/19

Physics in Vancouver, British Columbia

Hi Yaser. I am A. G. and I am a Grade 11 student. I was wondering if you would like to teach some surface level Physics Olympiad to a high school student that wants...

Sent by Alvin on 10/29/19

PRAXIS in Birmingham, AL

Hello, I am M.. I currently reside in Birmingham, Al and am looking for tutor for the praxis. I have to take the core and exam 5169.

Sent by Mechelle on 10/28/19

calculus in Nacogdoches, TX

Hi I am looking for one on one calculus tutor asap in evenings atleast twice a week my cell (phone number available after purchase) email call or text if your...

Sent by Briah on 10/28/19

linear algebra in Logan, UT

Hey Zach i need help with linear algebra. Are you accepting new clients? When are you available?

Sent by Levi on 10/28/19

algebra in Saint Augustine, FL

hi, Amanda, I am looking for a tutor for Algebra I for my grandson. He is homeschooled for Algebra and attends PEP for other subjects.

Sent by Jan on 10/28/19

USMLE online

Hi Farah, I am a US MD medical student seeking help for my USMLE STEP 2CK exam. I have 5 weeks to prep. I am interested in your tutoring services.

Sent by Kayla on 10/28/19

USMLE online

Need help because I have limited time.

Sent by Radhika on 10/28/19

SAT Math in Hacienda Heights, CA

Hello Ryan, Looking for assistance to test prep for SAT subject Math 2 exam, Could we discuss it over the phone? Thanks,

Sent by Har on 10/28/19

SAS online

Hi Brook, I have questions in SAS can you help me ?

Sent by Abdu on 10/28/19

Pro Tools online

Protools tutoring for exam

Sent by Veronica on 10/28/19

math and English in Eatontown, NJ

Hi James. i'm helping my son , L. 18 years old find a tutor for math and english. he has GED diploma and is interested in joining the airforce.

Sent by Luis on 10/28/19

ACT in Joppa, MD

Hello, I have a senior student that needs helps with SAT and ACT test. Please let me know about your tutoring program. Thank you, S.

Sent by Stella on 10/28/19

physics in Bayonne, NJ

Hi Ethan I am looking for a Tudor in physics for my grandson Alex Who is a junior in Bayonne high school on Monday’s from 6 to 8. If you can let me know what...

Sent by Patricia on 10/28/19

Environemental biology in Oxford, OH

Hello I need tutoring for my son that is a freshman at Miami University In Oxford ohio. Thank you.

Sent by Lara on 10/28/19

Algebra, science, reading and in Columbus, OH

Call 614 738-8971or text

Sent by Francine on 10/27/19

reading in Enterprise, AL

Have a 6 year old that needs help with reading and comprehensive

Sent by Nathan on 10/27/19

reading in Woodbridge, VA

We are looking for a reading tutor for our second grade student. Preston Lee attends Springwood E. S. in Lake Ridge. He is reading below his 2nd grade reading level.

Sent by Deborah on 10/27/19

Algebra in Florence, SC

Hi! My son is in 8th grade and is struggling with Algebra and other basic math skills. I am curious if you offered tutoring for students this age and if...

Sent by Jennifer on 10/27/19

kindergarten in Manhattan, IL

I have a kindergartner that’s having a hard time adjusting to independent studies. Please help if you can. Thanks

Sent by Lidora on 10/27/19

finance online or in-person

Hi Brian I have a College Finance project that I have to find the Break even point for If you can help please reply Thanks J.

Sent by John on 10/26/19

dynamical online

Hi Nick, I'm currently in an undergraduate Chaotic Dynamical Systems math course and I'd love some help understanding my assignments.

Sent by Eitan on 10/26/19

meteorology online

Hi Shane, I'm N.. I'm an Aeronautics student at Embry Riddle and I need help with my transition from the arts to the sciences.

Sent by Nadeem on 10/26/19

computer science online

I have an assignment and I don't know how to do it

Sent by Gon on 10/25/19

math in Peoria, IL

Hello Bailey, I am looking for math help for my 9th grade daughter. Please let me know if you are available. Thanks, Raj

Sent by Rajesh on 10/25/19

reading in Chapin, SC

I have a five year old son who will start kindergarten next year. He is a right brain thinker who is struggling with learning the alphabet.

Sent by Peter on 10/25/19

excel in Lincoln City, OR

I really, really ,really need help with graphing on excel

Sent by Howard on 10/25/19

nutrition online

So I need help with a quiz thats open book open notes and class mates can work as a team. It's 50 questions and has to be submitted within 2 hours.

Sent by Marcus on 10/25/19

ADHD in Gaithersburg, MD

Hi Ms. Jessica, My daughter has ADHD and is in 7th grade and I I’m looming for a tutor face to face who can help her with pre-algebra and her 7th grade curriculum.

Sent by Maritza on 10/25/19

algorithms in Java online

Hello Mr. Jim, Hope this finds you well I need tutoring in algorithms in java. Please let me know if you are interested Thanks

Sent by Rana on 10/25/19

writing in Glendale Heights, IL

I am really happy and excited writing this review after receiving my score report. Dr Farah turned out to be an angel for me in the last few days of exam prep.

Sent by Rafia on 10/25/19

dyscalculia, elementary math in Lakewood, WA

Hello, Joyce! My daughter has stong difficult with math and it looks like she has smth like dyscalculia. I did not test her yet but it looks pretty much like that.

Sent by Ksenia on 10/25/19

OAR in Arlington, VA

My name is Y. A.. I’m in the Navy and I trying to go Officer. I’m trying to take the OAR. Last time I took it I scored a 32 but need to improve my score to...

Sent by Youdline on 10/24/19

ASVAB in Fort Myers, FL

Hi I am looking for tutoring for the asvab test.

Sent by Alex on 10/24/19

dyscalculia in Tucson, AZ

My daughter has Dyscalculia and I depressed and feeling hopeless as she's failing algebra. She's not getting the help she needs from school.

Sent by Geoff on 10/24/19

calculus in North Dartmouth, MA

Raveena, I need a high school calculus tutor for my son. We are located in Dartmouth, MA. Would you be able to provide an in-person tutoring?

Sent by Max on 10/24/19

geometry online

My daughter is a Sophmore in high school and seeking a tutor for Geometry. Are you still available? If so what is your schedule? Thanks!

Sent by Heather on 10/24/19

USMLE step 2 cs online

Hi Muhammad, I am looking for Step 2 CS online training. Please let me know, If you are available. Thanks P.

Sent by Prasanthi on 10/24/19

Middle school in New Bedford, MA

Hi Suzanna, I would love to talk you about tutoring. Do you work with middle school students? I would love to talk with you to see your availability. N.

Sent by Nichole on 10/24/19

Chemistry in Ashtabula, OH

Hello Gloria, I am looking for a tutor for my 17 year old. He is struggling in Chemistry and needs to strengthen his writing skills.

Sent by Carmen on 10/24/19

math in Carolina Beach, NC

Hello, My daughter is a freshman in high school but taking 10th grade math. She is not doing well and I would like to get her some help.

Sent by Erica on 10/24/19

math, reading, writing in San Francisco, CA

hi - I wanted to inquire about tutoring for my daughter who is 8 years old.

Sent by Amber on 10/24/19

pre calculus in Spring City, PA

Gregory, Looking for a tutor for my son Josh who is taking pre-calculus at OJR. We live in Spring City, PA

Sent by Kelly on 10/24/19

math online

Hi looking for tutor with patience to working with my 9yo fourth grader with her math and reading on a weekly basis.

Sent by Kayla on 10/23/19

chemistry, World History and in Tallahassee, FL

11th grader needs assistance with Chemistry, World History and Algebra 2

Sent by Renee on 10/23/19

coding in Indianapolis, IN

Hi Mykyta, Are you located in Indianapolis? The search results say your 7 miles from our zip but your profile list you being in Illinois. Thanks

Sent by Cebronica on 10/23/19

4th grade math and reading in Snellville, GA

Hi I’m looking for some extra help with my fourth grader with mat and some reading if possible

Sent by Kayla on 10/23/19

physics in Binghamton, NY

Hello, I'm currently a binghamton student taking physics and would like to set up tutoring sessions as i am having trouble with the exams but feel as tH.

Sent by Josie on 10/23/19

algebra in Bridgewater, NJ

My daughter is a sophomore and is taking algebra 2 honors. She is having difficulties Bc she said teacher doesn’t teach them just gives them homework to do

Sent by Tom on 10/23/19

ESL in Apex, NC

I am an ESL teacher at an elementary school in Apex. One of my students has come from China for 1 year. His mom would like to hire a tutor to help her son learn English.

Sent by Paula on 10/23/19

microsoft office in Miami, FL

My daughter Savannah needs a tutor for Microsoft Office Suite . Power Point,Publisher,Basic Excel,Word, She has working knowledge already.Has low vision,Aspergers.

Sent by Mark on 10/23/19

essay in Mahopac, NY

Hi Mary, I think you may be the exact person we are looking for!!! My son Aidan is a senior at Brewster High School and he is really struggling with his...

Sent by Kim on 10/23/19

stats in Medfield, MA

Hi Bob. I’m a graduate student looking for help with stats and SAS.

Sent by Will on 10/23/19

history and social studies in Tampa, FL

hi Amy, We are looking for someone that can teach our daughter who is in the 9th grade AP history / social studies. She is currently in the IB program.

Sent by Ajay on 10/23/19

Algebra in Woodinville, WA

I am looking for an Algebra 1 tutor for my son. He currently has a C and he is struggling with some of the concepts. We live in Woodinville, close to the downtown area.

Sent by Carole on 10/23/19

debate in Los Angeles, CA

Just a brief message. I am on a debate team but I don't get trained by the coach. I would like to speak to you about an arrangement. I am in the Miracle Mile area.

Sent by Brandon on 10/23/19

adobe illustrator in San Diego, CA

Good morning, I'm looking for someone to tutor my husband in adobe illustrator. We are in Chula Vista, would you happen to have a studio? Please let me know.

Sent by Adela on 10/23/19

NBME USMLE Step 1 exam in East Lansing, MI

greetings, i'm currently in the East Lansing, area and would like to get more information on how i can go about getting tutoring for the NBME basic sciences...

Sent by Matthew on 10/23/19

NBME online

Dear Dr. Divesh, Hello! I am currently a medical student in preparation for my step 1 exam. For my school, to qualify for taking the step 1 exam...

Sent by Usman on 10/23/19

online marketing in San Francisco, CA

Hello. Do you have an experience with Links simulation in marketing? I need help with it.

Sent by Dana on 10/23/19

writing in East Amherst, NY

My son is a sophomore at Nichols. He has a difficult time with writing skills. We need a tutor

Sent by Gary on 10/23/19

dyslexia in Cape Coral, FL

Good morning, my son is in 3rd grade and is struggling with reading. He has an IEP and support team at school, however we feel extra tutoring may be beneficial.

Sent by Nichol on 10/23/19

math in Auburn, CA

I am a retired guy, but a math and economics fan. I worked in medical systems. I have been watching videos online but would like some personal help. I am in Lincoln;

Sent by William on 10/23/19

computer science in North Brunswick, NJ

Hello Janak, I need tutor in computer science (Princ. of Database System, Computer System I, Platform Based Computing, and Overview of Cyber Security) for 2 hours...

Sent by Sam on 10/23/19

math in Columbia, MS

Hello, My name is C. I’m looking for a tutorial for in math and English for my nephew. He’s is in the tenth grade I will appreciate it if you will email me with...

Sent by Charlotte on 10/22/19

step 1 USMLE online

Hey, I want to try tutoring doc, online If feasible I graduated medschool from Jordan May. my 5th read of first aid, scoring low on nbmes and not improving

Sent by Carol on 10/22/19

geometry in Watertown, NY

Looking for a tutor for my 10th grader who is struggling with geometry.

Sent by Jennifer on 10/22/19

Math, reading in El Centro, CA

Hi, mi son is in 2 grade and he needs tutoring right now. We live in imperial.

Sent by Wenddy on 10/22/19

algebra 2 in Lebanon, NJ

Hi, Cheryl. I'm seeking an Alg 2 (Advanced) tutor for my daughter who's an 11th grader at North Hunterdon HS. Please reply with your availability...

Sent by Peter on 10/22/19

English in Tampa, FL

English tutoring for 7th grade

Sent by Swati on 10/22/19

numerical analysis in Tampa, FL

Ahmed, I am looking for a tutor to help me with come computer problems in numerical analysis. It's a graduate level course. Are you available this Friday or Saturday...

Sent by Richard on 10/22/19

microsoft excel in Houston, TX

Hi, Ms Pamela, I am a college student. I am taking Excel through the Cengage Program and I need help. Can you help me.

Sent by Betty on 10/22/19

reading in Woodbridge, VA

Tutoring a second grader. Preston Lee is below his second grade reading level.

Sent by Deborah on 10/22/19

math in Geneva, NY

Sent by Magaly on 10/22/19

SAS in Narragansett, RI

Looking for help with SAS and statistics

Sent by Will on 10/22/19

Endocrine system online or in-person

hello . i need help with a class and am willing to pay

Sent by Francis on 10/22/19

government and politics in Winter Park, FL

Hi Andrew I Need tutor in gov politics

Sent by Rayan on 10/22/19

dyslexia online

Hi Jane, My daughter is seven in second grade and was recently diagnosed with dyslexia. She is on a low reading level, has difficulty with word recognition...

Sent by Melissa on 10/21/19

mathematics in Pasadena, TX

I'm looking for math tutoring for my son hes in 3rd grade. We live in Pasadena area

Sent by Krystal on 10/21/19

algebra in Anderson, SC

Hi Lee I'm looking for a tutor for my son he is in the 9th grade. He is having trouble with math. Looking for help after school and possibly Saturdays.

Sent by Tamarah on 10/21/19

risk management online

Dear Subash, I hope this message finds you well. I need a risk management to be done asap. The due date it is Oct 25 Could you help me out? thanks D.

Sent by Davide on 10/21/19

adobe photoshop in Huntington Beach, CA

Hi Gen, I am looking for help with Photoshop. I am teaching myself how to make Design Boards for a prospective job. I am stuck on a few things: how to send my...

Sent by Tina on 10/21/19

Calculus in Ponchatoula, LA

I took Calculus I about 4 years ago and am not currently enrolled in a math course. I was thinking about going back to school and starting with Calc II.

Sent by Brandon on 10/21/19

excel in Houston, TX

I am needing help with Excel. I am a college student and we work with Cengage. Have you worked with this? If so, can you help me. Thanks

Sent by Betty on 10/21/19

statistics SAS in Narragansett, RI

Hi Jay. I am a graduate student seeking help in statistics as well as SAS. I have trouble navigating the software.

Sent by Will on 10/21/19

AP physics c in Cleveland, OH

Hi Megan, Are you still teaching? We are looking tutor who can teach AP Physics C (Mechanics & Electromagnetism) for my daughter.

Sent by Madan on 10/21/19

Algebra in Laurel, MS

My 8th grader needs assistance in Algebra.

Sent by Angela on 10/21/19

finra series online

hi kevin do you know of any in person tutors in miami for the series 3

Sent by Jose on 10/21/19

geometry in Franklin Lakes, NJ

Hi, we are looking for a tutor for our daughter, probably 1x a week after 3:30 M-F. She is a Freshman taking Geometry High Honors and is struggling.

Sent by Danielle on 10/21/19

CBEST in San Diego, CA

Hello. I’m looking for a tutor to assist my daughter Madison in passing the CBEST. Can you please let me know your familiarity with that test and availability?

Sent by Kendra on 10/21/19

Math English science history in Franklinton, LA

I'm looking for a tutor for my 11 yr old son he is in 6th grade. He has trouble with concentration and I've tried working with him but not successfully I'm looking...

Sent by Elizabeth on 10/20/19

USMLE online or in-person

Hi Dr.Diveh, I hope you are doing great. I have seen your profile from (url available after purchase) and we are looking for someone to help us on my wife’s...

Sent by Silpa on 10/20/19

ADHD in Largo, FL

I am looking for a tutor to help my 23 year old nephew who just started trade school this week. He needs help in organizational skills, planning, creating good study...

Sent by Michael on 10/20/19

math in Opelika, AL

Hi. My son is in 6th grade and in need of a tutor. If you would, please contact me via email. Thank you, K.

Sent by Kelly on 10/20/19

algebra in Midland, TX

My daughter is currently taking algebra 1 from a saxson program. We are looking for 2 1 hour sessions a week. Would this be something you are interested in? Thanks

Sent by Brian on 10/20/19

HISET online

Hi James! I'm interested in receiving online tutoring in preparation for taking the HiSET exam, in particular, math.

Sent by Raphael on 10/20/19

quickbooks in Richmond, TX

Hi. I am a dentist and need help to lean quickbooks. Can you help me?

Sent by Jasmine on 10/20/19

Math in Williamsburg, VA

Hello, I am seeking tutoring for my 7yr old daughter. We live in Williamsburg. Could you tell me more about your services and your minimum hrly requirements?

Sent by Amir on 10/20/19

ESL in Bonney Lake, WA

I am interested in ESL tutoring. II live close to the city of Bonney Lake. I have a very changing work schedule but would be available weekends and sometime during...

Sent by Mirja on 10/20/19

Communication 120 in Owings Mills, MD

Doing PowerPoint research paper.

Sent by Dee on 10/19/19

Debate online or in-person

Please text me at (phone number available after purchase). Would like to discuss private tutoring for debates. Thanks

Sent by Ilona on 10/19/19

USMLE step 2 ck online

Hi, I’m studying to retake my Step 2 CK exam (4th attempt) by the end of December. Would you be able to help me? Thank you.

Sent by Jacqueline on 10/19/19

NBME online

Dear Dr. Singh: I am currently enrolled in a carribean medical school. I am repeating year one and just finished my first CAS of the repeated year with a 60 percent.

Sent by Sean on 10/18/19

math in Port Jervis, NY

Hello, Looking for some extra help in math. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Angelina on 10/18/19

Biochemistry in Ardmore, TN

My student needs assistance in Biochemistry. Contact me (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Cathy on 10/18/19

algebra in Granada Hills, CA

Hello Tatiana, I am looking for an algebra 2 tutor for my boys and would like to speak to you about your servicer. Please contact me at the email provided.

Sent by Linda on 10/18/19

French in Fremont, CA

My daughter is in a high school in Fremont and needs a tutor for her French 2. We may travel to your place in weekends. Would you be able to help her? Thanks.

Sent by Lily on 10/17/19

Cantonese in Dallas, TX

Hi, Alfred! Are you a native Cantonese speaker? I am looking for a tutor who has an authentic canton accent. I was born in Shenzhen, Guangdong, but never got...

Sent by Angela on 10/17/19

autodesk revit in Seattle, WA

Hello Peter, I need a tutoring on Revit, the web TuTurz, have your location in Seattle, this location is accurate?.

Sent by Antonio on 10/17/19

Spanish in Draper, VA

My son is in first year Spanish class at George Wythe High School in Wytheville. He has a F in class right now. He feels like the teacher ignores him and if he does...

Sent by Lisa on 10/17/19

algebra 2 in Glen Rock, NJ

Hi Eileen - are you available to tutor a sophomore in Glen Rock for Algebra 2? This would be a weekly session, M, T, or Thursday from 4-5. $45/hr. Thanks!! C.

Sent by Christine on 10/17/19

math in Prescott, AZ

Hi John, I am looking at improving my sons math skills. He is currently in 8th grade at mile high middle school and in pre algebra.

Sent by Jaime on 10/17/19

Gujarati online or in-person

I am looking for gujrati tutors for my 11yo girls. There are two kids. Thanks

Sent by Sonal on 10/17/19

Electrical Engineering online or in-person

Looking for help with this class. UW Bothell EE 332 D.evices anD. Circuits II (5) Examines the characteristics anD. moD.els of bipolar anD. fielD.

Sent by D on 10/17/19

bio in Santa Cruz, CA

Hi Chris, Tanya is trying to get in touch with you about bio tutoring but she misplaced your contact info. What is the best way to reach you? Thanks J.

Sent by Julia on 10/17/19

chemistry in Palmdale, CA I get tutored by you by latest tomorrow. I’m falling behind on my C.hem homework and lab assignments.

Sent by Jen on 10/17/19

math in Alva, FL

Hello Kellen, I'm looking for a tutor for my daughter. She is having issues with her 5th grade math class. Please let me know if you would be able to help us out.

Sent by Corey on 10/17/19

Spanish 3 in Tallahassee, FL

My son has span 3 at FSU. He has presentation oct. 30. Can you help him

Sent by Karen on 10/17/19

Algebra in Lake Villa, IL

High school Algebra once a week for 60 minutes for my 13 year old son Would like to meet at a library local to you for session- Mundelein or where convenient C...

Sent by Richard on 10/17/19

reading in Bronx, NY

I have a 7 year old son and have a difficult time with reading. I need extra help for him.

Sent by Auguste on 10/17/19

math, spelling and writing in Hopewell Junction, NY

Hi. I have a son in 2nd grade, and am seeking basic math help, along with spelling and writing. If this is something you would be interested in, please contact me...

Sent by Patrick on 10/17/19

dyscalculia in Easton, MD

My daughter is a senior at SSPP. She has dyscalculia and has difficulty with math. She is currently taking statistics and needs tutoring. Are you available?

Sent by Connie on 10/17/19

reading, SAT and ACT in Hiram, GA

Hi my name is B., my current struggle is reading and comperhension. Iam in the 12th grade and when I get out of high school, I want to make sure i understand what im...

Sent by Brittnee on 10/16/19

FTCE online

Hello Marsha, I’m looking for someone to tutor me for my GKT math exam. Please text or call me if you have availability.

Sent by Nathalia on 10/16/19

accounting in Lodi, NJ

Abhimanyu, I need help with financial accounting. Please reach me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Hema on 10/16/19

math in Eden Prairie, MN

Hello, my name is A. S.. I am looking for a math tutor for my daughter Erika. She is a high school junior and would like to be tutored in precalculus.

Sent by Arouny on 10/16/19

calculus in Chicago, IL

Hello Riley, My son just started to attend UIC with the major in CS. Looks like he struggles with calculus and Discrete Math. Hopefully you can help him.

Sent by Marek on 10/16/19

English in Utica, NY

Hi, my son has problem in kindergarten Albany school. He doesn’t speak English, and

Sent by Mikhail on 10/16/19

USMLE step2 ck online or in-person

Dear Aine , I need help in Step 2 ck , mostly in knowledge and concepts . Kind regards , Nada telephone number (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Nadezda on 10/15/19

Spanish in Tallahassee, FL

Hi Ana! Helping my son find a tutor for Spanish 3. He’s a senior at fsu and lives near campus.

Sent by Karen on 10/15/19

math in Sandusky, OH

Hello, my name is D. and I am a adult looking for a tutor for myself to help fresh my memory in math subject! I had a rough time as a child and couldn’t focus...

Sent by Desirea on 10/15/19

bio in Passaic, NJ

Hi Hepal- I am looking for a bio tutor for high school freshman bio. The rate is $40/hrs. Are you interested? Thanks!!

Sent by Christine on 10/15/19

Physics in New York, NY

Hello, Raaj. My daughter seems to be having trouble grasping some of the basics in Physics and Pre-Calc. She is in the 11th grade. Please let me know if you can help.

Sent by Miranda on 10/15/19

accounting in Spartanburg, SC

Are you able to tutor college level accounting?

Sent by Martha on 10/15/19

USMLE step 2 CK online

Dear Muhammad , I need help with Step2 CK . I would like to start as soon as possible . My telephone number is (phone number available after purchase) .

Sent by Nadezda on 10/15/19

statistics with SAS in Medfield, MA

Looking for help in statistics as well as statistical software (SAS and R Studio)

Sent by Will on 10/14/19

pre calc in Eatontown, NJ

Hello Nurali I am looking for a tutor for myself and my 13 year old son. I am currently taking a college Pre-calculus course and my son is in the 8th grade...

Sent by Angela on 10/14/19

Calculus in Oberlin, OH

Are you available to tutor a college freshman at Oberlin? Calculus!

Sent by Aubyn on 10/14/19

electrical circuits online or in-person

Hello Dr Subash, I am currently enrolled in Wayne state university and I'm taking circuits 1. I need help in the class and was wondering if you could help

Sent by Adel on 10/14/19

biology online

Hi Marie - I’m looking for a bio tutor. Are you currently at Kent State or graduated and living in Bergen County?

Sent by Christine on 10/14/19

AP computer science in Pasadena, CA

Hi, this is Y. needing help for AP Computer Science. I’m way behind from my class and have a mid term test coming up this Friday.

Sent by Yoseph on 10/14/19

HSPT in Mahopac, NY

Good afternoon Pamela, I hope all is well and you had a nice weekend. I'm reaching out on behalf of my friend. He is looking for a tutor for his 13 year old...

Sent by Monica on 10/14/19

Algebra 2 in Bellefontaine, OH

How many hours does it usually take the average student? And do you have any availabilities after 3:30?

Sent by Bobby on 10/14/19

USMLE step 1 online or in-person

i am an old gR.aduate. need help with step 1

Sent by Khan on 10/14/19

Python online or in-person

Hi Michael, I am currently a grad student at GMU and am pursuing my Master of Science in Forensic Science with a concentration in Biometrics.

Sent by Emily on 10/13/19

accounting in Raleigh, NC

I’m currently attending Strayer University in Raleigh. I’m struggling badly. I need help big time. I’m working on my masters and this accounting class is so...

Sent by Richard on 10/13/19

PRAXIS in Shreveport, LA

Hi I am looking for a tutor in English for my highschooler. Prefer someone to come to our home Can you please call me at (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Jaina on 10/13/19

LSAT 1005 online

Hello. I need a private LSAT tutor who will teach me online. Do you speak any russian? I would like to start as soon as possible . Looking forward hearing from you

Sent by Eva on 10/13/19

chemistry and algebra in Thompsons Station, TN

I am in need of a tutor for my 2 daughters. One is taking Chemistry and the other is taking algebra I .

Sent by Anitra on 10/12/19

Math & English in Fredericksburg, VA

Hello Tiffany, I am interested in obtaining a tutor for my daughter who is in 10 grade. Can you email me and let me know if you are interested to working with my...

Sent by Sharon on 10/12/19

math in Danville, VA

Hello my daughter in 2nd grade she needs tutoring in math and grammar

Sent by Paxton on 10/11/19

statistics online

Need assistance with Statistics for family member

Sent by Felix on 10/11/19

Algebra in East Northport, NY

I'm looking for an Algebra 2 tutor for my daughter who is a junior at John Glenn HS in Elwood.

Sent by Raymond on 10/11/19

C in Plymouth, MA

My 20 year old son attends 4 C's and continues to struggle with his writing assignments. He was on an IEP for ELA and Math from Elementary school through high school.

Sent by Michael on 10/11/19

algebra in Upper Marlboro, MD

Hello Paul i have a 18 year old grandson that needs tutoring in algebra 1. He need 3 classes to graduate and algebra 1 is one of them.

Sent by Debra on 10/11/19

heat transfer online

Hello, Are able to teacher some.examples as.for Heat transfer. 20$.per hour?

Sent by Nawar on 10/11/19

math in Woodbridge, VA

Hi, I need a math tutor for my son, Desmond, who is in 6th grade. He is averaging an F, right now. He seems to understand concepts when we work one-on-one with...

Sent by Tamara on 10/10/19

USMLE step 2 ck online

hi i am scoring low on my nbmes. i want to write my exam in december. i need your help

Sent by Jiya on 10/10/19

SAT in Great Falls, VA

Hello My daughter is a junior at Langley High. We seek a tutor for her upcoming SAT - 1 or 2 hours/week. She needs help with math.

Sent by Ernest on 10/10/19

6th grad subjects in Hillsborough, NC

Hi ! Emma my name is A. V. I live in Hillsborough n.c I have a 10 yr.old daughter thats in the 6th grade she is having problems in all areas at school I really need...

Sent by Alvis on 10/10/19

Math in Lake City, FL

Hey Sarah. I’m looking for a tutor to help my daughter in 4th grade with her Math skills and approach. She is currently having some trouble with multiplication...

Sent by Tashara on 10/10/19

statistics and economics in West Springfield, MA

Hi William, I'm a freshman at HCC and I'm looking for help with statistics and economics.

Sent by Ryan on 10/10/19

pre-calculus and physics in Basking Ridge, NJ

Hello! We are interested in tutoring for our junior daughter. Mainly for pre calculus, but also possibly for physics. Any information on typical hours and...

Sent by Candide on 10/10/19

reading in Brewster, NY

My daughter is in 3rd grade and needs help with reading/writing/phonics.

Sent by Isaac on 10/10/19

All subjects from elementary in Great Falls, VA

Hi Angela - I came across your profile in (url available after purchase) I run a tutoring company and have tutors work with students one on one in theri homes.

Sent by Shweta on 10/10/19

business management in Floral Park, NY

I am looking for someone to help me with a case study that is due tonight. Would you be interested?

Sent by Heather on 10/9/19

biology, English, ELA in Sykesville, MD

Hi, My son, after years of mostly A's and B's grade have plummeted . He is bright but has lost his way a little. He needs someone to help him manage his school work.

Sent by Ruvelle on 10/9/19

c# online or in-person

Hi Nikhil I am currently taking a c# class and have been struggling with the homework assignments. I think its pretty basic stuff but I come from a Graphic Design...

Sent by David on 10/9/19

USMLE step 2 CK online

Hi, l am interested in being tutored for step 2 ck.

Sent by Patricia on 10/9/19

NBME online

Hello Dr. Femi I am reaching out to find out if you can offer tutoring service for NBME comprehensive shelve examination. Thank You

Sent by Nafisat on 10/9/19

SAS and statistics in East Providence, RI

Hi Joseph- I’m looking for a tutor to help me with SAS and stats, in general. Please contact me at (phone number available after purchase) or by email. Thank you, W.

Sent by Will on 10/9/19

reading in Big Sandy, TN

Hi Mr. Allen, My name is Cinda and I have an 8 year old that is home schooled. He is very skilled at Math but seems to be having trouble with reading...

Sent by Lucinda on 10/9/19

tutoring job sent to tutor C

Math in Auburn, CA

Math tutor-integrated math grade 10

Sent by Maria on 10/9/19

Algebra in Great Falls, VA

Hi Jennifer, my daughter needs help with Algebra 2. Can you please contact me regarding tutoring sessions. Thank you.

Sent by Janel on 10/9/19

English math in Tracy, CA

Jennifer, I need tutor for my 6th grade son. Thank you M. S.

Sent by Moji on 10/9/19

dyscalculia in Bayville, NJ

Hi Daniel - I’m impressed with your credentials and love to have you work with our 13 year old son who struggles in math, and who we suspect struggles with...

Sent by Maureen on 10/9/19

math in Jacksonville, NC

Good evening. My son attends Northside High School. He is taking math3 honors. He needs help immediately. He has C avg. Are you available.

Sent by Aaron on 10/8/19

Elementary in Bloomington, IL

Hi, Nina! I am currently searching for a tutor for my son who is in kindergarten at Benjamin Elementary. He needs help with phonics and reading.

Sent by Farrah on 10/8/19

all subjects for 2nd grader in Lapeer, MI

Looking for a tutor for our 8 year old in 2nd grade. He is struggling in all subjects.

Sent by Blake on 10/8/19

PRAXIS in Langhorne, PA

I am looking for some help preparing Praxis test 5155 and 5158. Please let me know if this is something you could help with. Thank you

Sent by Shane on 10/8/19

Spanish in Lewiston, NY

need a spanish and math tutor

Sent by Kathy on 10/8/19

Statistics in Smyrna, TN

Hi Satie — It’s been a very long time and you probably don’t remember me but I could use assistance getting back into the groove of school.

Sent by Taye on 10/8/19

ADHD in Harrisburg, NC

Sent by Elisabeth on 10/8/19

USMLE online

Hi Farrah, I'd love to engage your services for a few Caribbean medical students who could stand to greatly benefit from Step 1 tutoring.

Sent by David on 10/8/19

USMLE in Fairfax, VA

Hi Angela, I am an IMG student studying for step 1. Currently having a difficult time studying for the exam.

Sent by Naina on 10/8/19

algebra 1

Hi Adrienne, you look like a fun person who is well experienced in math. My 8th grade son is taking Algebra 1 and is struggling. This is the first time...

Sent by Melanie on 10/8/19

8th grade math in Dekalb, IL

Good morning. I need a math tutor for my son in 8th grade and son in high school. My son in high school is being home schooled. Thank you K. P.

Sent by Kari on 10/8/19

study skills in Barre, VT

Hi, My son is a sophomore at Norwich University. Would you travel to campus to tutor him? Not sure how far that is for you. He does not have a car.

Sent by Susan on 10/8/19

USMLE online

Hi Dinesh, I am looking for online coaching for Biostatistics, part of Step 3 USMLE exam. Do you handle this and what are your charges ? Thanks L.

Sent by Latha on 10/8/19

PRAXIS math in Philadelphia, PA

Hi, I am looking to be tutored in middle school math praxis. I have taken the test but failed. I recently graduated from Widener University with Education middle...

Sent by Shane on 10/8/19

reading in Hinesville, GA

Hi, I’m looking for a tutor for my son. He’s 7 and lives in Hinesville, GA. He needs assistance with reading, writing, and math. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sent by Hez on 10/8/19

American history in Port Saint Lucie, FL

13 year old grandson is struggling with 8th grade American history class. He lives in Pt St Lucie.

Sent by Sarah on 10/8/19

OAR online

Hi Matthew, I’m in need of a tutor for the OAR portion on the ASTB-E. Was wonder if you would be available.

Sent by Austin on 10/8/19

4th grade in Los Gatos, CA

Please email me at (email available after purchase) or call (phone number available after purchase) . I am looking for a tutor for my fourth grader that is struggling.

Sent by Qadria on 10/8/19

C# unit testing online or in-person

Need help making 4 unit tests in C#

Sent by Jose on 10/7/19

calculus BC in Schaumburg, IL

Do u tutor for Calc BC? Need help

Sent by Bha on 10/7/19

Dyslexia in Cary, IL

Hi Melissa, I am a behavioral optometrist and I am trying to find a Dyslexia tutor for one of my patients. would you be able to call me at (phone number available...

Sent by Carrie on 10/7/19

reading in Spring Lake, MI

Hi Jennifer! Because of family emergency, my second grader messed school for three weeks. Will you be able to help her with reading and may be math ( it is very...

Sent by Olga on 10/7/19

algebra in Shakopee, MN

I am a 34 year old college student struggling with college algebra concepts and would like some assistance. My class is online I am struggling to teach myself.

Sent by Jacie on 10/7/19

c# in Killeen, TX

Hello Sir, I was just wanting to verify some information from you if that would be alright. I am currently in the process of working with the VA for tutoring...

Sent by Jo on 10/7/19

real estate math in Phoenix, AZ

Hi Mark, I'm a few days from finishing my Real Estate pre-licensing 90hr course. But suck at the math portion. I've never been good at math.

Sent by Lisa on 10/7/19

math in Bealeton, VA

My son is a junior in high-school. Overall he is a very good student, but struggles in math. We are looking for someone to assist him with trigonometry.

Sent by Krista on 10/7/19

Math-Calculus, Bio, Chem in Huntington Beach, CA

Hi Neil, I am a one-woman business, and am completely overbooked. I am looking for other tutors in the area to unload my clients.

Sent by Kimberly on 10/7/19

ACT in Dubuque, IA

Hello Megan, I am looking for a tutor for my daughter, Evelyn, who is prepping for the ACT and SAT. We live in Dubuque. Do you have any time slots available for...

Sent by Ellen on 10/7/19

Read and write 4y/o girl in Lafayette, NJ

Hi Caitlin, My name is B. P.. I'm looking for a teacher to start teaching my 4 y/o daughter how to read and write. Can you please call me we can talk.

Sent by Brenda on 10/7/19

Algebra in Rockville, MD

Hello Anita, I'm looking for Algebra 2 tutoring for my daughter. She is in Grade 9. I need it urgently. Please contact asap (phone number available after purchase)...

Sent by Don on 10/7/19

English in Baltimore, MD

Hello,   I hope this email finds you well. I work for L.L., a leading provider of blended language and skills training www.L.L..

Sent by Learn on 10/7/19

GED in Wimberley, TX

Hello! I am looking for a tutor for my son and I hope you are available to help. He is almost 17 years old and we’ve been homeschooling for the last few years.

Sent by Sheila on 10/6/19

medical coding online

I am looking for S.omeone that iS. very good with CPT Coding.

Sent by Sharon on 10/6/19

chemistry in Neshanic Station, NJ

hi Bob I got your message earlier but did not have direct contact info. Please text me at (phone number available after purchase) V. M.

Sent by Vijay on 10/6/19

6th grade science and math in Joppa, MD

6th grade help with science and math. My child has an IEP, and ADHD. She struggles with tests. Looking dor a low price.

Sent by Liz on 10/6/19

Math in West Roxbury, MA

Are you available to tutor 10th grader today

Sent by Yolanda on 10/6/19

reading in Spring, TX

Hi Bianca, I contacted you through Wyzant. They want payment before I can respond to you. You can contact me at my email or (phone number available after purchase).

Sent by Cindy on 10/6/19

Pre-calculus in Marlboro, NJ

Interested in Pre-calculus tutoring for my 11th grade daughter.

Sent by Tiffani on 10/6/19

biology in Belmont, MA

Sent by Linda on 10/6/19

USMLE online or in-person

I need help for usmle and jordan exams. I am a graduate from Algeria.

Sent by Durre on 10/5/19

ADHD in Bloomsburg, PA

Hi Kristen! I’m an adult recently diagnosed with ADHD and on the proper medication. I work at a local hospital as a pharmacy tech and have to take my certification...

Sent by Cory on 10/5/19

phonics in Newnan, GA

Hi Wendy, nice to meet you :-) I am looking for a tutor for my 8 year old daughter for phonics and elementary math. She has recently been diagnosed with ADHD and OCD...

Sent by Alex on 10/5/19

geometry online

Currently online with Liberty university in VA. Student slightly autistic ADHD. Need help in geometry. Student is 19. W. Phillips is grandfather in VA paying for...

Sent by Wilmot on 10/5/19

reading in Pleasantville, NJ

Dear Celeste, My son is in 2nd grade. He needs help with reading comprehension skills. I would like to ask you some questions. Thank you.

Sent by Christina on 10/4/19

NBME and USMLE in Chicago, IL

Hey Sarah, Looking for guidance in passing nbme and step 1, need help in correct studying and test taking techniques. Please contact me asap.

Sent by Savi on 10/4/19

ACT in Wooster, OH

My son Ben is a junior at Chippewa and looking for help to raise his ACT score. Math is one area he could improve as well as test taking tips.

Sent by Andy on 10/4/19

c++ in Arlington, VA

We are a group who wants lessons in c++ for this semester

Sent by Khaled on 10/4/19

Handwriting in Greenwich, CT

Good afternoon Lisa, I am looking for a tutor to work with my daughter on her handwriting skills. She has ataxia which effects her handwriting.

Sent by Brian on 10/4/19

Python online or in-person

Populating a truth table with boolean functions

Sent by Michael on 10/4/19

math and SAT in Bayville, NJ

please contact me txt (phone number available after purchase)

Sent by Diane on 10/3/19

algebra in Bel Air, MD

Need tutor for my years old daughter in 7th grade algebra 1

Sent by Kris on 10/3/19

math (Vector Calculus 1) in Portland, OR

I am currently enrolled in MTH254 (Vector Calculus 1). Is this a subject that you prepared to tutor?

Sent by Jesse on 10/3/19

ESL in Granada Hills, CA

Hello Nancy, My name is H. J.. I am going to Moorpark College right now and I am struggling with College writing. English is my second language as I moved here...

Sent by Hyekyu on 10/3/19

Chemistry honors online

My daughter is a sophomore in high school, and needs online tutoring in the subject of honors chemistry. We want someone who has extensive experience in specifically...

Sent by Joanna on 10/3/19

French in Long Pond, PA

Bonjour Guy, I’m looking for a French tutor to help me advance in my learning. I’ve hosted French students and traveled to France to visit them. L.

Sent by Leann on 10/3/19

math in Drums, PA

Hi, my name is P. I live inDrums, Pa I have twin girls that I just started homeschooling with and I am interested in extra help with math and English please call me...

Sent by Paris on 10/3/19

reading in Columbus, OH

Hello, i am seeking a tutor for my 9 year old daughter she is struggling with Reading and math. I am reaching out to you to see if you may be a potential to help for us.

Sent by Tychell on 10/3/19

USMLE online or in-person

Hello! I would like to ask if you still provide tutoring services for USMLE. I am looking for a tutor. Thank you.

Sent by Seyi on 10/2/19

physics in Howard Beach, NY

Hi. Looking for a physics tutor to meet my son at a library to help him. He’s in NYIT major electrical engineering. But so lost in physics. Please email me. Thank you

Sent by Ann on 10/2/19

physics in East Brunswick, NJ

Looking for physics honors and AP pre calculus for junior year student in east brunswick Please let me know if you teach both

Sent by Neeraj on 10/2/19

nursing in Laurel, MD

Hi I am looking for a tutor preferably someone who teaches med surg and mental health content. Please contact me.

Sent by Qua on 10/2/19

mathematics online or in-person

Do you teach Stochastic Process? Gregory Lawler book is used in our class.

Sent by Umer on 10/2/19

microsoft excel in Lakeside, CA

Hello, I need a tutor to help me increase my Excel skills. I need a tutor who has advanced Excel skills and not just the basic formulas.

Sent by Melissa on 10/2/19

adobe lightroom in Santa Cruz, CA

Hi Debbie. I don’t need Lightroom tutoring, I need you to straighten out my file system. I am trying to adjust my 20 RAW landscape photos in Lightroom on...

Sent by Mick on 10/2/19

USMLE step 1 online or in-person

i need to ace exam . scoring in low 210

Sent by Shuja on 10/2/19

C++ online or in-person

Hey I needed some help on a project will you help if I send you the assaghnment. It is on C++

Sent by Khadar on 10/2/19

chemistry in Fredericksburg, VA

Hi! I have a son, Jack, who’s taking chemistry at UMW and is struggling. Would you be available to meet with him, catch him up and stay on him til finals? Thank you.

Sent by Staci on 10/2/19

statistics in Naperville, IL

Hi Vikki! Are you available today between 5 and 9 pm?

Sent by Pane on 10/2/19

Math 1111 college algebra in Peachtree City, GA

Tutoring for a high school student taking a dual enrollment class at Clayton State

Sent by Anne on 10/1/19

Math in Rockaway, NJ

Need a tutor for my daughter in 8th grade on Math, Algebra.

Sent by Mita on 10/1/19

Geometry in Macon, GA

Your profile doesn't list it, but do you help with Geometry?

Sent by James on 10/1/19

calculus online

I go to Dartmouth, and given the ten week term, my calc 8 class moves very quickly. I need help with homework problems and reinforcing concepts from class.

Sent by Bronson on 10/1/19

series 63 online or in-person

michael. I AM IN NEED OF A series 63 TUTOR. I HAVE THE EXAM FX TEST materials and I AM hovering around A 70. I NEED TO PASS THIS ASAP because I HAVE SO MUCH business...

Sent by Phillip on 10/1/19

algebra in Waynesboro, PA

I am trying to take the college Algebra CLEP exam October 18th I need a little extra help

Sent by Kyle on 10/1/19

dyscalculia in Warren, OH

Do u help 12 yr old students

Sent by Michelle on 10/1/19

physics in San Antonio, TX

I'm searching for a Physics AP tutor for my 11th grade daughter. Would you be able to help?

Sent by Jennie on 10/1/19

math in Holly Springs, NC

In need please call in need of math help

Sent by Hyla on 10/1/19